The Climate Super 8

Eight changes you can make for big cuts to your carbon footprint

What if making big cuts to carbon pollution this
decade was possible with 8 changes that everyone can make today. And what if this meant we would halt the worst impacts of climate change, protect nature and create a world with cleaner air.

The Climate Super 8 shows the changes we can all make to achieve this. If we do it as individually then we’ll be stepping up for the planet. But if we do it together we’ll see meaningful change in carbon pollution around the world.

With just one ‘Climate Super 8’ change a year from now until 2030 someone in a wealthy country can cut their carbon footprint by over 75%.

help you and your employees show the changes we can all make to achieve meaningful change in reducing carbon pollution.  

By reading this you will:  

  • Be inspired to choose one clear step you can start today to make a difference, with lots more ideas and steps to plan or take on Giki Zero.  
  • Save money, improve your health, and make a material difference to your carbon footprint.  

  • Understand more about the big changes people can make to cut carbon.