Webinar on demand: Get on the starting line for the Race to Zero

Featuring: Jo Hand (Cofounder, Giki), Carolyn Ball (Director for Delivery of Net Zero, Compass Group), and Tessa Ferry (Strategic Lead at Race to Zero)

In recent months the importance of individual actions has been recognised at the highest levels, and companies in the vanguard recognise how crucial engaging stakeholders are in delivering a successful sustainability strategy to deliver the emissions reductions crucial to stem climate change.

In our recent webinar we looked at how to bring employees together for a month of climate action, sustainability learning and fun ahead of COP28. This is a really excellent way to support your Race to Zero commitments, bring sustainability into conversations in a new and inspiring way, build new relationships and celebrate successes ahead of COP28 💚

What we covered

  • Why employee engagement is becoming a key pillar in sustainability strategies
  • Preparing for COP28 activities, with a project that can resonate across your business
  • Inspiring and award winning stories from global leaders on unique ways to accelerate the net zero transition
  • How the Employee Race to Zero can help you and your sustainability goals
  • Inspiring and educating your people on sustainable behaviours
  • The latest developments in the Race to Zero criteria, to accelerate net zero across the globe.

If you’d like to find out more about the Employee Race to Zero and want to get involved, then please get in touch.