Sustainable lifestyle guide

Giki Zero is a free step by step guide to a sustainable lifestyle. We are providing virtual lessons for teachers, teach-ins for anyone at home and workshops for community groups. Get a sneak peek before it’s launched publicly. In just one session, you can get on the path to cut your footprint in half.

Here you can find:

For teachers:  Download a lesson plan or book a free virtual session for students.

At home:  Download a home teach in to start now!

If you run a climate action or sustainability group: Book a free virtual session for your group.


For Teachers

At Home

Home teach in videos!

  1. Giki Zero introduction from Co-Founder Jo Hand on how to lighten your footprint on the planet.
  2. How to guide for a sneak peek of Giki Zero.
  3. Detailed walk through of Giki Zero, your step by step guide to cutting your environmental footprint.

Climate Community Groups

Do you run a local climate action or sustainability group? Contact us to arrange your free virtual workshop for the group.

Remember to fill in your details based on a normal year, not on our lives in lockdown!

What people say!

Hannah: Environmental Management student

“It was really interesting seeing my own personal impacts and I found the experience empowering since I now feel that I can make a change! I think it’s a great idea!”

Oliver: Environmental student

“I learnt that there is plastic free for pretty much everything and that the number of little things you can do to reduce your footprint is enormous! I have been trying to go plastic free with the help of Giki”

Molli: works for the Student Union

“Giki Zero breaks down the steps to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it feel a lot more tangible and achievable. It also de-myths the perception that, as students, sustainability is unaffordable and unobtainable.”

Ekaterina: Psychology student

“It feels amazing to know there is always more you can do, especially when you have data to illustrate and support progress! Giki not only gives awesome ideas but also keeps you on track with hope things can change!”

“Giki Zero ran an excellent series of online workshops for staff members of our eco-network and for students as a highlight of our school’s first ever Virtual Green Week during the Coronavirus lockdown. Within just 30 minutes we were all (whatever our level of IT knowhow) able to navigate the new app and quickly learned some practical, detailed and manageable lifestyle changes. The students were duly impressed and rushed off to relay the bespoke information to convince their families of steps to take! A really constructive, fun and inspiring way for young people and adults alike to relieve eco-anxiety by seeing what we can do as individuals and how it could all add up.”

Dr Jessica Tipton, secondary school teacher and founder of London Schools Eco-Network


Jules is a police officer who also helps to run his local sustainability group:  Helston Climate Action Group.

“What Giki Zero showed me was how much of my carbon footprint is still accounted for by my car use. Consequently I have pledged to commute to work by bike over 50 times this year. The app also helped me make decisions on some big things, like going from a vague intention not to fly, to a definite commitment.”

Jules and his family really enjoyed the function that enabled them to look across their household together:

“The three of us actually had quite a lot of fun being able to divide up the family’s carbon footprint between us. It was really helpful to see immediate feedback on what impact various suggested actions would have on my footprint.”

In total, it  helped Jules lose a few tonnes from his footprint “I know we can’t offset our way out of this problem!”

“As someone who promotes sustainable behaviour change through my work, I was very impressed by how Giki Zero will appeal to a wide range of people, no matter where we are in our sustainability journeys. It helped me identify simple actions I can take, as well as ones that I can work towards in the longer term.”

Rachael Edwards, Community Champions Project Manager, Sustainable Merton

Hear more about Giki Zero and the sessions from our co-founder Jo Hand