There are three main reasons this will happen. The most common for large companies is that they don’t report on their palm oil usage to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In order to award a sustainable palm oil badge we need to analyse what type of palm oil a company uses. If they don’t report it then we cannot verify it. We believe that transparency around palm oil usage is a crucial first step towards sustainable palm oil production.

The second reason is that we have not managed to make the link between a product and its owner. With over one hundred thousand of products across thousands of brands this remains a difficult task. We have already linked many thousands of products and will continue to research more ways to make the links.

Finally it might simply be that the product is new or has recently been updated or reformulated. There is a constant flow of new products into UK supermarkets and we aim to be able to show them within a few months of their release.