This is an entirely person decision.

However, a number of NGOs support sustainable palm oil because 1) Replacing palm oil with other types of vegetable oil (such as sunflower, soybean or rapeseed oil) would mean that much larger amounts of land would need to be used, since palm trees produce 4-10 times more oil than other crops per unit of cultivated land. 2) In producing countries, millions of farmers and their families work in the palm oil sector. 3) Replacing palm oil with other types of oil is not always feasible due to palm oil’s unique properties as a food ingredient.

However, some people still choose to avoid palm oil because they are not confident that palm oil can be truly sustainable, the deem that the impacts of palm oil plantations on other species are just too great or that they believe the rules around sustainable palm oil don’t go far enough especially in relation to deforestation.