Top steps to save fuel in your car

Petrol prices have been rising for some time and oil prices have now reached a 14-year high. The devastating situation in Ukraine has realised the close connection between energy consumption and national security.  

Oil prices are linked to petrol and diesel prices, so to help you reduce your fuel use in your car, here are a few steps, which will save energy, save money, and save carbon: 

Be a carbon-conscious car-driver 

Drive more efficiently by accelerating and braking gently. You can save a surprising amount of fuel and money. 

Don’t idle your car Tempting though it might be this uses fuel, costs money, and creates carbon emissions. It can be really polluting in built up areas. 

Leave the car at home  

Why not try a few journeys using public transport, walking, or cycling. These will all save energy and save carbon.  

Try cycling or walking to work. It saves fuel, saves money, and is better for your health and wellbeing. 

Try to swap car journeys of less than a mile for a walk for a month. Get into the habit of walking more, rather than using the car for short trips. 

In the longer term, we need to transition to a clean energy system, no longer dependent on fossil fuels and no longer dependent on imports.  

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