Ever wish your supermarket shop was more like this…

And less like this?

Sick of disagreements about what to buy?

Want your children to be more like this when you pick them the healthiest products?

Try out these three challenges for your kids in the supermarket, to keep them occupied and provide some fun and education at the same time. Just download the free Giki app, hand them your phone and scan the barcodes:

  1. Go to cereal aisle and challenge them to find a healthier cereal. The Giki kids team took 5 scans to find one!
  2. Once you’ve let them pick their healthier cereal choice, move on over to the savoury biscuit aisle and search out a product without any additives. This one is tough – it took us 8 scans to find one. Look out for the free from additives badge.
  3. Our last challenge was to find a soap awarded with the ‘no chemicals of concern’ badge. You might get a few surprises.

And if the kids ask you if any of this matters – here’s why:

  • Eating less sugar, salt, fat and saturated fat helps keep you healthy and to prevent serious health problems.
  • Additives (or e-numbers) are used in lots of foods to preserve, colour, flavour and sweeten. More additives usually means more processing and some worry about health impacts of certain additives. For example, Titanium dioxide, found in some kids’ sweets, is soon to be banned in France due to concerns about links to cancer.
  • Chemicals of concern: some chemicals in soaps, shampoos and other personal care products can cause irritation or are linked to more serious health concerns or environmental risks.

And the added bonus of this fun family activity, is not only do the kids get involved, helpfully, but they might unearth good products which you’ve never spotted before.

Happy Scanning! Here’s hoping you all leave the supermarket feeling like this!

Download the UK Giki app now!