Working together to help the planet

Everyday choices made by ordinary people hold the key to our efforts to reduce emissions and find more sustainable solutions. Here’s our free guide on how you can cut carbon. 

As country leaders gather to talk about the climate, it’s easy to feel that the solution is “for them to sort out”, but what we do as individuals matters. 

How you use your voice and influence to encourage your employer, community, friends, and colleagues to follow your lead is vital. 

This guide provides you with the tools and framework to treat people and our planet with respect and to #ThinkCarbon. And it all starts with taking a step.

In this free guide, you will find: 

  • What is COP27 and why the process is so important and relevant to every citizen 
  • The four goals of COP27 and how you can get involved 
  • Save costs and cut carbon at home and work 
  • How every individual can get involved in helping achieve the aims of COP27. 

Not only are the four key aims of COP27 crucial for governments, but they are also relevant to every citizen of the world.

Inspired to make a greater impact?

An individual taking a step is progress. A community taking steps together is change.

Building a strong employee sustainability strategy has never been more crucial. Your employees are the secret sauce to unlocking your carbon commitments and ESG targets.  

Giki Zero Pro is a complete programme for sustainability employee engagement.