Although plant-based diets are an increasingly popular way to reduce our environmental impact, for the meat eaters among us, going organic is also a good option to reduce impact.  

As organic becomes more mainstream and available than ever before, there are some hidden benefits that make the organic proposition even more appealing.

Using our badge system, we assessed 110,000 supermarket products across 6 different criteria regarding, health, sustainability and ethics and fairness, and found that overall, organic products performed better than non- organic products.

Across the board, our analysis shows that organic products are more likely to:

  1. Be free from additives
  2. Have better animal welfare standards (this is a requirement for organic food)
  3. Be a healthier option, and;
  4. Have recyclable packaging

But did you know that going organic with meat often means going more sustainable too? If you’re keen on buying more ethical, sustainable products, but not ready to swap your steak for a tofu burger, organic can be a quick and easy indicator for selecting products with higher credentials.

Our data shows that choosing organic meat means you’re more likely to be:

  • Giving chickens, cows, pigs and sheep a better quality of life before they end up on your plate
  • Supporting the UK meat industry
  • Helping reduce the amount of waste going to landfills as packaging is more likely to be recyclable
  • Reducing your consumption of additives, which tends to be an indicator for high levels of processing.

Source: Giki September 2018

With all of these benefits in mind, the good news is that organic meat is now widely available and some of the best options out there can be found in mainstream supermarkets.

Supermarket-own brands such as Waitrose (Duchy Organic), Asda, Sainsbury’s SO Organic and Morrisons offer a wide selection of organic meat, that also performs well on sustainability.  Organic meat from these brands tend to score the highest across Giki’s badges. Daylesford is the highest scoring non-supermarket organic brand across all organic meat products.

Although plant-based diets continue to get all the credit these days, the fact that organic meat is within hands reach means that there is no easier way for modern meat eaters to do their bit for the environment too. And using the free Giki app, makes it even easier to track down organic.

While a quick trip to the supermarket can do the trick, you can also head down to a local farmers market to put a name to that brisket or check out #OrganicSeptember for more organic ideas.

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