Switch-off for Earth Hour

Every year, at 8.30 pm on the final Saturday of March, millions worldwide unite for Earth Hour to take positive action and raise awareness for some of the issues our beautiful planet is facing.   

It’s not just a symbol of solidarity. It is a catalyst for change and an event to harness the collective power of individuals taking steps that collectively make an impact. This is why we love Earth Hour!  

This month, we’ve been focusing on how you can save energy, save money, and save carbon. In celebration of Earth Hour, we wanted to look inward at our behaviours and put a spotlight on how we consume energy online. 

The carbon footprint of the internet 

Have you ever wondered how many carbon emissions are generated from an online activity? Incredibly, 4.9 billion citizens are classified as active internet users and this takes up 2.4% of global electricity usage which has a big carbon footprint.  

Why does the internet use so much energy? To move data we need data centres and data transmission networks. Even though these have become more efficient, the growth of data has been driven by more streaming and gaming.  

It’s not just moving the data around that uses power. When we switch on TVs and laptops they all use a little bit of electricity, and the devices themselves have a carbon footprint when they are made. Some manufacturers, such as Apple, even break this down for you so you can see how much that new iPhone will add to your carbon footprint. 

The good news is that whether you are streaming, emailing or gaming it’s a relatively carbon-light way to spend time. However, to cut emissions this decade by 50% we need to find every cut we can and so that’s why we’re going to switch-off for an hour this Friday.  

What is the Giki Earth Hour switch-off? 

We’re turning off all our appliances, internet, work devices, and emails, then taking a short break from traditional work. As an organisation, we’ll also switch off our Giki LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts until Monday, 28 March. Instead, we will take time to be mindful and celebrate Earth Hour and think about our carbon footprint and how we might take a step to reduce it.   

Between 12-2 on Friday, 23 March, if you try and reach Giki, we’ll be out walking in nature, litter picking, or reading a climate book.  We will then come together to show and tell what we’ve been doing. Uniting over climate consciousness and activism feels so much more tangible when you are a part of a community, which is why so many of our Giki Zero Pro users love being part of our programme.  

If you’re looking for inspiration then check out some steps that will help you save energy, save money, and save carbon next time you’re online.   

  1. Eco search 
    Ecosia is a search engine with a difference. It uses its profits to plant trees! So far, Ecosia searches have helped fund the planting of over 100 million trees. Every search removes 1kg of carbon. It’s easy to download and install.  
  1. Standby Saver 
    Make sure you actually switch off! TVs, laptops, and phones use a little bit of power when left on standby. Each device will only have a small impact but together they may be significant. 
  1. Nature walk 
    Remind yourself of the beauty of nature and why it’s worth preserving. Switch-off and take a nature walk.  
  1. Switch to renewable energy 
    Looking to make a planet-saving step? Renewable energy uses nature to generate power rather than burning fossil fuels. Switching to renewables can lead to a big reduction in your carbon footprint and is one of the most important steps everyone needs to make. 
  1. Sustainable sharer 
    80% of people trust a recommendation from a friend. Use the power of your social networks and share what steps you’ve been taking to think-carbon on Earth Hour. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #ThinkCarbon so we can support our growing network of Chief Greenies.  

If you need more inspiration, there are ideas for how you can spend Earth Hour on their website.