Sustainability Services Ecosystem Map

Your guide to the fast changing sustainability landscape

The Sustainability Services industry is growing quickly, both in size and scale, as sustainability teams build and implement their plans for Net Zero.

That’s why we’ve created a Sustainability Services Ecosystem Map to help sustainability professionals navigate this fast-changing landscape.

We hope it’ll also help organisation in the ecosystem see where they fit and maybe inspire some ideas for collaboration. The map is organised around the main CSO responsibilities, with each responsibility split into the different areas that a busy sustainability team needs to cover.

Here are the main segments we cover in the Sustainability Services Ecosystem Map:

Measurement and disclosure

  • Standards and frameworks including IFRS, CDP, and GHG Protocols.
  • Emissions factors includes free sources such as DESNZ or tech-first solutions like Climatiq.
  • Emissions software includes enterprise suppliers such as Salesforce, Persefoni, and Watershed and those supplying SMEs like Sage. And, of course, Giki ES3 playing it’s part helping companies measure, understand and cut commuting and home working emissions. See more.
  • The big global initiatives that are helping everyone to keep on track –  Race to Zero, SBTi, The Climate Pledge, and more.
  • Offsets and removals for the residual.

Awareness, education and capacity building

  • The best sources for climate science are led by the UNFCCC and websites for data like Our World in Data and Nat Bullard. Also, the organisations who help track progress such as Climate Action Tracker.
  • Learning and development providers include free online resources from organisations like the UNGC to the climate school from Kite Insights or in-depth academic training at CISL.
  • Employee engagement, our favourite area. If you’re looking to activate your employees to get behind your sustainability plan, or looking to run an interactive challenge to create touch points with clients and supplier then book a call.
  • Even a few podcasts to keep up to date with sustainability trends including, a favourite, Outrage + Optimism.
  • And just in case you’re ever feeling it’s hard work getting your employees on board here are 7 Things About the Climate That You Don’t Need to Stress About.

Strategy and Net Zero transition plans

  • Sustainability services from enterprise players Accenture and Deloitte to companies who can help SMEs like IIE. A big space with more names coming soon. Consulting, Net Zero transitions, and full-service companies are all included.
  • To learn more about transition plans here are 6 key insights from the people shaping policy and implementing them. Based on a roundtable Giki hosted with the Race to Zero at London Climate Action Week.

External stakeholder relationships

  • Rating providers whether for your supply chain (CDP, Ecovadis) or investors. And some of the big events where sustainability people get together, from COP to NY Climate Week.

We’ve covered over 150 organisations but we know there are more amazing ones to add. We’ll be updating the map regularly so, if you’re part of an organisation that you think should be included, add your suggestion here.

The scope for the ecosystem map is services where the sustainability team at a company would be a main user or key stakeholder in the relationship with the provider. The current focus is predominantly Europe, North American and Global providers.

And if you want full access to the data behind the map, including some extra details on the organisations to speed up your work, then contact us. It’ll be available to anyone trying to do something positive for the planet!

And lastly, if it’s useful please use and reshare as it’s a free resource for anyone. We’d love to be cited as the source if you’re using the information publicly.