How a partnership-led approach created a culture of purpose and collaboration

The challenge

Where a complex organisational structure exists, the ability to communicate effectively is a challenge.  Often, important messages and calls to action can be lost or disparate.

So, how did Giki work with a prestigious Russell Group institution to reach and engage their staff and student body, increase climate awareness, and then take steps to cut carbon and long-term behaviour changes that have a positive climate impact?

What we did

Working with the University Green Team and Head of Sustainability, we identified green champions and partnered with the student union and exec team to coordinate their internal communication and social media plan. By bringing these stakeholders and change-makers together, we could reach more students with a consistently powerful and persuasive message with a single, simple call to action. 

Utilising our experience of working with education institutions and knowing what makes an effective internal communications plan, we co-created a climate campaign to drive action.

The messaging focused on areas that we identified as being most likely to have an impact, namely food and eating, before encouraging steps around wider sustainability issues. Each campaign was delivered across a single academic term, interspersed with messaging hooks around a pre-planned activity such as the Student Switch-off, creating a sense of urgency and increased levels of engagement.

Furthermore, this helped unite the fragmented teams and developed a collaborative way of working with benefits that would reach far beyond the initial scope of the project. 

The impact

By creating a culture of collaboration and uniting different teams behind one purpose, we were able to break down the communication challenges and drive an incredible level of engagement with Giki. Members committed to taking at least one step to cut carbon from their lifestyle. 

If you’d like to create a culture of purpose and collaboration, with sustainability at the core of your initiative, get in touch.