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Giki Zero Pro for small business

Help your employees learn what they can do for the planet

For Small Businesses (under 50 employees) and Charities

Giki Zero Pro for Small Businesses engages and educates your employees on sustainability and brings people together so they can learn what they can do for the planet.

Combining our easy-to-use platform with free events for your colleagues and a community for your Green Leaders it provides everything you need to run an engagement programme.


What’s included in the programme

Giki Zero platform

Our comprehensive science-based carbon calculator and over 150 steps to cut carbon. There’s something for every lifestyle and budget.

Giki Zero Pro features

Teams, leaderboards, and challenges to make sustainability engaging, fun and impactful.


Giki runs regular events to keep sustainability top of mind. From cost (and carbon) savings to how to have a green Christmas the events are accessible, practical and available to all your staff.

Take a step on Earth Day

Programme materials and training

Your sustainability leads (we call them Chief Greenies) get access to materials and regular community calls to help run a successful programme.

All at just £385 per year, making it a cost-effective way to cut carbon, help people learn about sustainability, and attract new employees who want to work for an organization that shares their values about protecting the environment.

How it works

  1. Sign up. We’ll get your Pro account set up and send you a payment link. You’ll be live in a few working days.
  2. Invite your colleagues to join Giki Zero Pro.
  3. Launch to your colleagues! You can use our pre-recorded videos, and campaign templates or design your own launch event.

If you’re ready to start helping your colleagues and employees right away, complete the form below, and we’ll get you started. If you need to know more, get in touch at We’ll get right back to you.

Sign up

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How we drive engagement

Built upon our expertise from working with organizations on embedding sustainability, we’ve created an easy to use, self-serve programme.

You’ll have access to content, and resources to educate and inform your teams and help them think carbon at home and work.

All the great features within the Giki Zero Pro platform such as teams, challenges, and leaderboards embed sustainability and participation across your organization.

You’ll be able to join our Chief Greenie community where we, and other Chief Greenies, will help you with tips and tricks to engage your colleagues.​

We’ll keep you supported with great ideas to increase participation.

Is this the right package for my business?

If you want to turbo-charge your sustainability progress with a dedicated Impact Director and a bespoke engagement plan, or you have more than 50 colleagues, then speak to us about Giki Zero Pro.

If you’re a smaller organization (under 50) that wants to make an impact and access an easy-to-use and intuitive digital-first sustainability programme for just £385 for 12-months access, get started today.

Not quite ready to sign up and got some more questions? You can contact us to find out more.

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Why companies work with Giki

  1. Engage and educate staff as part of a sustainability strategy
  2. Help staff in their own lives. Steps to live sustainably and save money
  3. ​Staff demand. 73% want to work for company with a strong environmental commitment
  4. Challenges and campaigns. Sustainability with a fun twist