How RELX created a climate competition to bring sustainability into the conversation in a new, engaging way 

relx climate race

RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers and an organisation that holds purpose at its core. Its employees are inspired to undertake initiatives that make unique contributions to society and the communities in which they operate.

Having already successfully engaged one division of the RELX group, Elsevier, last year, RELX worked with Giki and created the Climate Race for their employees, this time inviting every business unit and division.

The games aimed to bring sustainability into conversations in a new and engaging way, build relationships and celebrate success while having a positive impact on our planet.

We delivered a launch session for participants to answer questions about their lifestyles and calculate their carbon footprint. Giki Zero then provides practical steps that reduce their carbon footprint, gamified to suit lifestyles, increasing the chances of sustained adoption with challenges and engagement activities to build long-term sustainable behaviour. To reinforce education and bring people together to learn, we also delivered two deep-dive live challenges delving into our carbon footprint areas; the fuel we use to power our homes and transport and our food footprints. RELX further engaged employees in smaller groups, to share learnings, advice, and inspiration for taking positive action.

The campaign was successful and made an impact. Throughout the games, participants:

  • Consumed 3,862 pieces of content accessed through Giki Zero, blogs, presentations, and mini-carbon calculators.
  • Members grew throughout the race to 880 participants across five company teams, working together and in competition to take over 3,800 step actions towards reducing their impacts on the planet.
  • This amounted to 148,264kg carbon reduction commitments, 5,811,939 of committed water savings, and 30,282 fewer single-use plastic items used.
  • Equivalent carbon savings to 393 short-haul flights and 265 years of showers in water saved!

Helen Chambers, Impact Director at Giki, said:

‘It was fantastic to see the final achievements and learn that over half of the participants have already talked to other people about things they’ve learned during the Climate Race!

By working closely across two projects, we have identified some of the most effective ways of educating, motivating, and inspiring staff to build sustainable behaviours, which is an exciting and crucial part of preparing companies and the world for a sustainable, net zero future.”

Jeremy Brackpool, Director of Strategy Elsevier, RELX said:

“Our teams found Giki helped build their understanding and supported them to do more. Tackling a different theme each week broke the topic down into bite-sized chunks and kept engagement going during the competition. Together we had a great impact and I am proud to have been part of such an inspiring action!”.