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Giki Zero Pro

Help your employees think carbon and cut carbon to build a culture with sustainability at its core

Giki Zero Pro is a complete programme for sustainability employee engagement.

​Engage and educate your colleagues to make step-changes in work and home to cut carbon and create a more engaged, happier, and sustainable environment. Then measure and report on the impact.

From demonstrating your ESG values to attracting, retaining, and increasing staff engagement and productivity, we’re ready to be your partner to lean on or learn from.

Companies using Giki Zero Pro

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How it works

Learn and take action

Our comprehensive science-based carbon calculator provides your employees the data they need to understand their carbon footprint and make informed decisions to cut carbon at home and work. 

Work together

Teams and leaderboards bring people together. Measure the impact of your collective actions and we’ve made it easy to report sustainability KPIs and benchmarking.

Build knowledge

People want to learn more about what they can do to live sustainably. Giki Zero provides tips, useful resources and workshops to educate and raise awareness.​

Join a community

You have the power to change the world. By joining Giki you’ll be part of our Chief Greenie community (that’s what we call people like you). Learn and share with other green leaders like you. ​

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Business Benefits​​

  1. Provides data to  report on impact and inform your sustainability strategy ​
  2. Attract, retain, engage, and motivate your workforce through a comprehensive employee sustainability engagement strategy. ​
  3. Prove your organization cares about the climate ​

Built for Engagement​

  1. Deeply engaging programme and platform that work together to embed sustainability across your business. ​
  2. Teams, challenges, campaigns, leaderboards, and a global support network drive participation and engagement. ​
  3. Dedicated Impact Director, engagement plans, and monthly Chief Greenie calls to support you.​​

Employee Benefits​

  1. A personalized programme to help you understand how to reduce your carbon footprint at work and home. ​
  2. The complex challenge of how to live more sustainably is made simpler and accessible for every lifestyle and budget. ​ 
  3. Build your knowledge and expertise on sustainability and develop your green leadership skills. ​

Validated & Trusted by Climate Experts​

  1. Our team are leaders in their fields, co-authored reports with behaviour change and net-zero experts, and given evidence to the parliamentary committee.​
  2. Supported and endorsed by COP26 High-level Climate Champions. ​
  3. Our Board and advisors include leading climate scientists and practitioners ​

What our clients say

Giki is an integral part of our sustainability journey.
Gavin Shinfield, Founder and CSO at Kyan Technology
You can use Giki Zero as your first step to reaching net zero, for a healthier, resilient zero carbon future for us all.
Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion
Giki Zero has inspired many of us to take steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tool is intuitive and a great fit for our company culture.
Helen Hughes, Sustainability Director, Design Bridge
Giki deepens our sustainability knowledge across Ninety One and we cut carbon emissions together.
Hendrik du Toit, CEO Ninety One
We need to walk the walk, and Giki Zero is a fantastic way to hold up the mirror to all our actions.
Saker Nusseibeh CEO Federated Hermes
Using Giki Zero Pro, we will help our colleagues learn more about sustainability, ESG and climate change and we will track and reduce our carbon footprints together.
Spectris plc
We’re proud to offer Giki Zero to our growing conscious consumer audience at Pebble in 2021, to put our #EverydayActivism ethos in motion in real time, with a real impact. Giki and pebble help normal people to come together and make a difference in our global fight against climate change.
Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder of Pebble Magazine and author of Is it Really Green?
The team at Giki have delivered a perfectly simple website that helps you reduce your impact that is easy and fun to use.
Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP
Giki Zero is a great way to help people reduce their carbon footprint.
Toby Willison, Director of Environment and Corporate Affairs, Southern Water
We are proud to be working with Giki on to mobilise sustainable behavioural change.
Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Executive at Tech Nation

Find the right programme for you

For SME’s & Enterprise

Supercharging your employee sustainability strategy is what we do. That means you’re going to get a comprehensive engagement programme & Impact Director service, additional features, and lots of support.
Priced on enquiry
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Popular features
  • Everything in Giki Zero included plus:
  • Dedicated Impact Director 
  • Launch planning, engagement planning to make your programme a success
  • Achievements, teams & leader boards
  • Chief Greenie training & monthly events
  • Sustainability KPIs and benchmarking
  • Impact services* including Think Carbon workshops and campaign management
  • SSO*

For citizens

We’ve made Giki Zero free and accessible for individuals who want to get a personal guide to help reduce their carbon footprint on an easy-to-use, beautiful app.
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Popular features
  • Personal carbon-calculator 
  • Detailed footprint data
  • Giki score
  • 150+ carbon-cutting steps for every lifestyle 
  • Personalised climate clock
  • Tips and checklist for every step 
  • Multi-region, multi-language

For organisations under 50

Giki Zero Pro for small companies is a digital-first plug-in-and-go programme that empowers your green team to run their own sustainability engagement initiatives & go live straight away to #ThinkCarbon at home and at work
From £350 (+VAT)
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Popular features
  • Everything in Giki Zero included plus:
  • Digital-first launch and campaign assets
  • Plug-in-and-go campaigns & challenges
  • Achievements, teams & leader boards  
  • Chief Greenie monthly events 
  • Sustainability KPIs and benchmarking
  • Impact services* including Think Carbon workshops

* Impact Services are in addition to subscription fees.
** Global version available and detailed carbon information for UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and India. Giki is translated in English, Dutch and French.

Let’s do this

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Together, we’ve got the power to cut carbon, one step at a time. ​