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Giki Zero Pro

Transform how your employees think about their carbon footprint and measure the impact of their actions 

Why Giki Zero?

Giki Zero Pro is an employee sustainability programme that helps individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint and helps companies who want to engage staff on ESG issues and measure the impact of their actions.

How it works for individuals

We provide employees with an engaging, science based digital platform to understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint. We also encourage collective action with teams, leaderboards and information on the carbon, water, land and single use plastic that colleagues have saved together. Seeing what we can achieve together is a key driver of behaviour change.

How it works for Sustainability Leads

We also provide a toolkit for Sustainability Leads (we call them Chief Greenies!) to drive engagement and action. The toolkit provides the resources needed to run an engaging, high impact, sustainability programme. We can also support you with tailored programmes, bespoke carbon calculations and new ideas to encourage participation. Chief Greenies also get the data that measures the impact they’re having.

Like to find out more?

Suggest a couple of times you’re available and we’ll send you an invite with one of our amazing Impact Directors.

Email us for a free demo

What people say

We believe that citizens and consumers can come together to choose a new future and we invite everybody to start now. You can use Giki Zero to Cut a Tonne in ’21, as your first step to reaching net zero, for a healthier, resilient zero carbon future for us all.
Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion
Giki Zero has inspired many of us at Design Bridge to take realistic steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tool is personable and intuitive to use, and its positive approach and the collaborative nature of Giki Zero makes it a great fit for our company culture.
Helen Hughes, Sustainability Director, Design Bridge
While we invest to create long-term, positive impacts to curb climate change, we must also address our own actions and outputs as individuals in reducing our carbon footprints. We look forward to working with Giki to deepen our sustainability knowledge across the Ninety One and cut carbon emissions together.
Hendrik du Toit, CEO Ninety One
We need to walk the walk, and Giki Zero is a fantastic way to hold up the mirror to all our actions.
Saker Nusseibeh CEO Federated Hermes
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new employee sustainability programme for all our staff. Using Giki Zero Pro, we will help our colleagues learn more about sustainability, ESG and climate change and we will track and reduce our carbon footprints together.
Spectris plc
We’re proud to offer Giki Zero to our growing conscious consumer audience at Pebble in 2021, to put our #EverydayActivism ethos in motion in real time, with a real impact. Giki and pebble help normal people to come together and make a difference in our global fight against climate change.
Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder of Pebble Magazine and author of Is it Really Green?
With Giki Zero, the team at Giki have delivered a perfectly simple website that helps you reduce your impact that is easy and fun to use.
Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP
We work with our customers to help them understand the benefits of managing their water use, which has a knock-on effect of also reducing their carbon footprint. Giki Zero is a great way to help people achieve this and we’re working with them to explore future collaborations.
Toby Willison, Director of Environment and Corporate Affairs, Southern Water
At Tech Nation, we are proud to be supporting and working with Giki on the Net Zero Programme to mobilise sustainable behavioural change.
Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Executive at Tech Nation

Companies using Giki Zero

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Features and pricing

Universities, public sector250-1000
Get a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a Quote
Set up
Chief Greenie Training
Kick-off Session
Chief Greenie Support
Impact ReviewAnnualAnnualQuarterly
Monthly Chief Greenie Calls
Activation Pack
Regular Challenges
Platform Capabilities
User Support
Knowledge Bank
Impact Reports
Public Invitations
Carbon Calculator
Multi country**
Multi language**
Impact Services *
Campaign Management
Bespoke Carbon Calculations

* Impact Services are in addition to subscription fees. ** Global version available and detailed carbon information for UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Netherlands. Giki available in English, Dutch and French.

If you’re a community group or charity get in touch to hear about our free programme.

What is Giki’s data based on?

Giki Zero provides the most detailed science based carbon calculators available for personal lifestyles, covering everything from food to transport and financial services to pets. Our approach is in line with science based targets, we have an open methodology and are advised by experts including Dr Richard Carmichael author of the Climate Change Committee’s report on “Behaviour change, public engagement and Net Zero” and our expert Advisory Board.

What does it cost?

Giki Zero Pro offers a cost effective way to engage staff on sustainability and includes access to additional features and Giki’s employee engagement programme. Pricing varies depending on your needs so do get in touch for more information.

How are other organisations using Giki Zero?

Giki Zero Pro is being used by everyone from small villages to global multi-nationals. It is also used by universities, local government organisations and community groups. It can be used as an educational tool, to embed sustainability thinking across organisations, as well as for team building and as an employee sustainability benefit.