People stepping up for the planet

More and more normal, but incredible people are choosing to step up for the planet.

They are discovering their very own green superpowers, and why it can feel so good to take steps to help our planet. 

Dominic, NatWest

Father, ex policeman, sustainability leader

Green superpower: I take the kids to school by bike and drive an electric car. I’ve also cut out red meat and changed job role to work to focus on climate change.

Why? “I wanted to do more, to be more sustainable and give back. I moved away from the commercial side of the business at NatWest, to somewhere I felt I could make more of a difference to society.”

Richard, Compass

General Manager and waste buster

Green superpower: There have been lots of small but effective steps that have impacted how we buy/use food in particular and manage waste, we have stopped over buying in all areas and so effectively saved money too!

Why? “I was inspired to look at how I could improve my family’s impact on the environment and to potentially create a better home set up for them.”

Dans, Compass

Children’s clothes trendsetter, Father and food industry pro

Green superpower: I have been a Dad for 17 months now and the vast majority of clothing I have bought and sold via Facebook marketplace. In fact, I will sell it at bargain price just to encourage others to reuse.

Why? Change has to start individually and I think it is our responsibility to spread the message and teach sustainable ways of living to our children.”

The power of competition

Competitions can be great for motivating people to step up for the planet and help them release those green superpowers. 

Mark, Adobe

Sailing enthusiast, sales specialist, sustainability games guru 

Green Superpower: I have cut back on paper use and I fly far less for business meetings. I also love hosting competitions to give people access to all the information in Giki. By making it competitive, we can all do great things for the planet at the same time!  

Why? “As a young man competing in sailing competitions all over the world, as well as navigating tides and currents, I was also navigating plastic bags, fishing nets and rubbish in the water. I became aware there was something really wrong here, and it needs people to speak up.”

Silka, Leidos

Marketing pro, Founder of Scotland Women in Technology, Mother 

Green Superpower: I took a role (in a Fortune 500 global company) informing and influencing staff, clients and US colleagues on environment and social issues. For example, we implemented an electric vehicle scheme at work. 

Why: “My son is the eco rep at school and he teaches me, and now my kids call me an eco-warrior. I’m influencing the planet that my children are going to grow up in and I have the ability now to drive change. Why wouldn’t I? I am just doing my bit as a Mum.”

Alexandru, Unilever

Team leader, Giki competition podium winner, community sharer 

Green Superpower: I’m in a full time role in sustainability and led a team to live more sustainably as part of the Adobe Giki Sustainability Games.

Why: “We wanted to make sure that we were not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Our team was full of energy and creativity, which allowed us to prioritize the quick steps and plan for the medium/long term ones. We were constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the box and implement ideas that could be easily integrated into our daily lives.  

But we’re not done yet, not by a long shot! This win is just the beginning of something truly exciting. We now have the chance to take what we’ve learned and share it with our colleagues, communities that we are part of, our children and their schools, inspiring them to join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.”

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