All of these animals are affected by unsustainable palm oil production. Find out how to make sure any palm oil you buy is sustainable.

Orangutan and baby


Think there’s nothing you can do about deforestation and loss of wildlife? Think again

 With just 3 steps in 3 minutes you can make your first swap

Unsustainable palm oil leads to deforestation, threatens Orangutans, Sumatran Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos with extinction, as well as contributing to climate change. Local communities miss out too.

You can do something today because palm oil is everywhere: if you clean, eat and wash, the chances are you’ve used it in the last week. It is found in most aisles in the supermarket. Do a Palm Oil Audit at home to check whether the palm oil in your kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets is sustainably sourced. If it’s isn’t, you can swap for products using sustainable palm oil or go palm oil free.

A palm oil audit gives you the knowledge to avoid unsustainable palm oil to help stop deforestation and protect the planet and it’s wildlife.

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3 minutes and 3 steps to make your first swap

A phone, a supermarket product and a few minutes is all you need to start making a difference.

Find a product

 Looking for somewhere to start? Grab some chocolate, biscuits or sweets.


Scan it with Giki

If it’s got palm oil in then you’re on the lookout for the sustainable palm oil badge. No palm oil badge means you are palm oil free.


Swap it

Looking for somewhere to start? Grab some chocolate, biscuits or sweets.

Your Palm Oil Audit guide

Easy steps to make a swap to orangutan friendly cupboards!

Why worry about palm oil?

Find out about effects on wildlife and the environment

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