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Are you a developer who wants to use their code to cut carbon emissions? We’re looking for a Front End Developer to do exactly that.

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Are you great at sales and passionate about climate change? We’re looking for a Business Development Lead  like you.

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Our team


Jo Hand

Co-Founder, Business & Communities

Alan Bridger

Full-Stack Developer

James Hand

Co-Founder and data scientist

Matthew Heath

Full-Stack Developer


Vicki Bales, Tax Director

“There is no Planet B. Giki helps me understand my actions so I make better decisions about my impact.”

Tom Coates, CTO Simpleweb

“You’ve got to be ready to put yourself out there and be thrown in at the deep end.”

Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair CDP

“You have to vote with your money”

Richard Graham, Head Counsel, Digital & Compliance, Richemont

“Giki digitally transforms how you make educated decisions about what you buy. Even a small change that Giki helps you make to your purchase behaviour, could make a huge change to our future”

Advisory Board

Steph du Plooy

Food technologist

“Giki shares a new level of product knowledge with consumers, giving them more power over their product choices”

Anna Swaithes

Head of Government Inclusive Economy Unit

“The issues around food sustainability are so complex, and everyone has different priorities. But consumers lack the facts to make informed purchase decisions. Giki is trying to change that, and the team tackles the complexity and the differences of opinion head on.”

Dexter Galvin

Global Director of Corporations and Supply Chains, CDP

“People have the power to change the world”.

Dr Richard Carmichael

Research Associate and Co-Leader of the Behaviour Change in Energy and Environment Policy Research Network, Imperial College London

“Research indicates that consumers want to do their bit for climate change and that they want much clearer information about the environmental impacts of the things they buy. “

Sloane Hamilton

Policy Advisor, Oxfam

Sloane is a Policy Advisor on Labour Rights, sitting within Oxfam’s Private Sector Team in Oxford. Her work focuses on the rights of workers in Agricultural Supply Chains.

A message from our founders

We believe that everyone of us can play a part in protecting the environment. There is so much we can do as individuals, with our friends, our families and our colleagues – and that is why we set up Giki.

We want to help people live more sustainably and we believe that starts with good information, provided at the right time in an easy to use way.

Jo and James Hand


Giki has been supported by many wonderful volunteers. Here are just a few of all these fantastic people.

Amber Sawyer


Sarah Weller

Product Growth Advisor

“Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It’s the Only Thing That Ever Has” (Margaret Mead)



Robert Mann

Social Media Advisor

“Giki gives you the know-how to be real environmentalist – so simple – love it. Be the green change, for our future world”

Mathilde Robelin

Marketing Advisor

“”I had been looking for a solution like Giki for a long time, and was delighted to find smart people were already doing a great job on it!”