New Carbon Calculators to Find the Carbon Impact of your Everyday Activities

To help you do more in 2024, we’ve updated Giki’s mini carbon calculators, which offer a quick way to find the answers to common questions about the impact of making sustainable choices on your carbon footprint.

Very quickly, we hope you can answer sustainability questions such as:

  • How much carbon do you save over the life of an EV car?
  • Does turning the lights off make a difference?
  • What’s the carbon footprint of your business trip?

And we’re excited to share a brand new one to help you find how much carbon you could save by working from home compared to commuting.

Working from home can save on carbon emissions and commuting, but it often means you’re paying more for light and heating, so only if you’re using less energy staying at home.

Once you’ve found out how much carbon you’re saving from reducing your commute, you can use our Giki Zero Work from Home step to checklist ways in which you can save energy and reduce your bills, as well as help your work-life balance. This is a great step to share with your colleagues and get everyone talking!

You can find all our mini carbon calculators and discover the carbon emissions from everyday activities here.

We hope they are useful. If there are any other carbon calculators you’d like to see do get in touch.