Giki is a B corp and social enterprise, based in the UK, with a mission to help people live more sustainably. We’re regularly invited to collaborate with media, events, podcasts and live virtual events and share our areas of expertise.

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In the news

August 2023

A recent article in the Metro highlights key areas to focus on to help our planet, with Giki Zero right at the top.

The author, is a specialist in this area, making this a must read if you are short on time and looking for some great ideas across your lifestyle.

July 2023

Giki featured in the popular Times Radio show with Jane Garvey and Fi Glover, helping Fi calculate her carbon footprint. It’s great that lots of listeners sent Giki in as a recommendation! You can listen again here on the 26 July episode around three minutes in. We also featured in the last episode of the series on one of our favourite podcasts, Outrage + Optimism. You can listen again here.

June 2023

Giki was featured in Sustainability Index, a leading publication in Romania for sustainability professionals working at organisations with strong ESG and CSR values. The article highlighted the best apps for calculating your carbon footprint.

May 2023

Compass Group have partnered with Giki to empower its 45k workforce to reduce their carbon footprint.

15 November 2022

Will COP27 be the turning point for food? In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, we are taking stock to ask the food industry about its hopes for COP27. The podcast features James from Giki, as well as food and sustainability experts from Nestle UK and Veganuary.

10 November 2022

While politicians discuss the work they must do to protect the planet at Cop27, how can you be more earth-conscious as a consumer? Giki and Jo were featured in this article on The Independent with tips to live more sustainably and save money.

7 November 2022

Giki featured in The Metro for an article highlighting the everyday changes that you can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

25 October 2022

Potential cost savings from sustainable choices are often neglected, amid perceptions that it costs more to live sustainably. Great to see this piece in the Metro newspaper which highlights how Giki Zero can save money.

20 October 2022

In this conversation Windō’s talks about Sustainability & Marketing with Richard Campbell (Marketing Director of B-Corp, Giki). They discuss their backgrounds, the responsibility of marketers to drive positive change, Gen Z perspectives, COP27 and what the future looks like in the space.

19 October 2022

Straight from the festival stage at the Net Zero Festival, editor-in-chief for Business Green James Murray, Co-Host of Outrage + Optimism Paul Dickinson, Co-Founder and Activist in Residence at B Lab UK Charmian Love, and Co-Founders of Giki James and Jo Hand share their expert opinions along with healthy doses of both outrage and optimism that will leave you feeling informed and energised.

17 June 2022

NatWest win employee engagement campaign of the year at the Business Green awards with their Giki Zero campaign.

6 June 2022

Can Marketing save the planet? Our Marketing Director, Richard, was the guest on this podcastin association with The Marketing Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

24 April 2022

Could switching to a climatarian diet really save the planet. Food Matters live podcast with Stefan Gates.

22 March 2022

Giki giving evidence to House of Lords inquiry to explore relationship between food and behaviour change to meet Government environment and climate goals.

2nd March 2022

Harpers Bazaar– How to live more sustainably, 5 ways to play your part in preserving the planet. Jo Hand, the co-founder of eco-enterprise Giki Zero, on the small changes that can make a big difference

1st February 2022

In the competition to attract new talent, sustainability is king. Giki press release.

2nd January 2022

Women and Home – Veganism and the environment. How to eat sustainably this Veganuary.

13th December 2011

Metro– I’m A Celebrity. Should series return to Australia given carbon footprint calculations amid the climate crisis?

9th November 2021

Metro – is working from home better for the environment?

21st October 2021

Business Leader – Q&A with the husband and wife team behind Giki Zero

19th October 2021

Metro. Meet the brains behind the appwhich helps track your carbon footprint

November 27th 2021

Online data science festival. Panel “How complex carbon calculations can be made compelling”

29th September 2021

UN Race to Zero. Here’s why COP26 concerns us all

September 7th 2021

Championing a more sustainable workplace

August 18th 2021

Global Banking and Finance. Going Beyond Net Zero, how companies are working with employees to cut carbon

July 21st 2021

Helston Footprints want more members after eco-tour success

July 19th 2021

Global Citizen “I tried to cut my carbon footprint, what happened next”

June 8th 2021

Giki Zero and Design Bridge win website design awards at the Drum awards

June 4th 2021

Major firms team up to rally 100 million staff to take “personal climate actions” – Business Green

May 19th 2021

New carbon reduction programme for staff and students – NUS SOS

May 4th 2021

Galloway Footprints project encourages people to cut their carbon footprints – Daily Record

February 17th 2021

I tried to cut my carbon footprint for a month. Here’s how I did – Thomson Reuters New Foundation

February 16th 2021

Helston Footprints Giki Zero scheme reports carbon reductions – Falmouth Packet

January 4th 2021

Reduce, Replace and Repair, cut a tonne in ’21 – United Nations, Race to Zero

January 2nd 2021

5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint – BBC

January 2nd 2021

Take carbon footprint test and save money – Falmouth Packet

January 1st 2021

Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021 – TechRound

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December 29th 2020

New Year’s resolution? Slim your carbon footprint by a tonne in 2021 – Thomson Reuters Foundation

December 20th 2020

How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint? Here’s How To Check – Huffpost

November 20th 2020

A beginners gruide to Carbon Footprints – Sustainable(ish)

June 20th 2020

This new website helps you halve your carbon footprint – Pebble Magazine

May 28th 2020

More than half of Britons want to cut their carbon footprint after lockdown – Energy News Live

May 27th 2020

Eco-planner helps you cut your carbon footprint in HALF – Good with Money