Making an Impact: The 2022 Giki Impact Report is here

In 2022 Giki was certified as a B Corp, joining a movement of businesses and organisations that aspire to the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. 

It was a rigorous process that we wanted to go through to show our commitment to sustainability and to be independently assessed for our partners, community members, stakeholders, and colleagues. 

Fast-forward one (amazing), year and we’ve put together our annual impact report to share the progress we’re making and our plans.

Download the 2022 Giki Impact Report

Here are just a few initiatives and achievements we’re proud to include.

  • We were certified B Corp, instantly conveying the sort of organisation we want to be. In our first year as B Corp, Giki was recognised as ‘Best for the World for Exceptional Impact in Governance’. 
  • We gave evidence to the House of Lords UK Climate Change Committee aligned with the UN and shared our expertise and passion speaking across events, podcasts, climate events, and media. 
  • Citizens using Giki Zero committed or completed over 100,000 steps and avoided 4,500 tonnes of carbon emissions! 
  • We added India to Giki Zero, which means 1 billion more people can access country-specific data and recommended climate action steps.
  • Certificated ISO27001 to demonstrate our commitment to data and information security.
  • We grew our client list beyond expectations and supported more businesses to take climate action. Clients won awards for their work with Giki to engage and educate their employees. 
  • Exceeded our target for citizens using Giki Zero for free and introduced Giki Zero Pro for small orgs (under 50 employees), meaning we can support everyone wishing to take climate action and do more for the planet. 
  • We’re proud members of Business Declares, Race to Zero and Tech Zero and remain committed to Net Zero emissions. As an organisation we’ve achieved this in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and intend to keep doing it. 

Like most, there is still more to do. We’ll continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon emissions as we grow, think about how can make our platform and programme better to help people learn what they can do for the planet and work tirelessly on our mission to help people cut carbon.

We’re proud to share our 2022 Impact Report and if you’d like to find out how other great organisations use Giki to benchmark their climate performance and use the data in their impact report or B Corp certification process, get in touch.