Lucy Payne has recently decided it is time to get a happy balance in her home. Inspired by a voice we all know and love, she has decided to set her life on a new path:

 David Attenborough is a legend!’ Lucy tells Giki. ‘I watched his documentary, Climate Change – The Facts, and after seeing the all of the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in the news, I was shocked!’

 Lucy decided it was time for her to act, and in particular it was the plight of our rainforests that got her onto Google to find out how to avoid unsustainable palm oil. She discovered Giki and took the app on her next supermarket shop.

‘Now I think about the environment all the time when I shop. I check products on Giki, or if there’s no signal in the shop, sometimes I have to wing it and I just check outside.

 She also pays particular attention when buying meat – after seeing a documentary on battery farming she decided it’s worth paying more for peace of mind on good animal welfare and sometimes pops down to the butcher at the end of the day when they’re selling the goods that are about to be thrown away at a reduced price.

 But with her new focus on reducing her environmental impact, beef – which has a very high carbon impact – has become a treat rather than a staple. She and her boyfriend eat much less of it, but when they buy it, they buy better quality (which tastes better anyway).

Supermarket cosmetics packaging

She’s also used Giki to tackle toothpastes, soaps and shampoos: ‘I feel like a bit of a detective in stores and hopefully, if we all start buying from more eco-conscious companies, it’ll will force the others to rethink what they do. I want my haircare to be good, but I want it to be good for the environment, too. Companies can be quite sneaky about how they describe their products or the ingredients they include. I want to use companies who actually give a monkeys.’

When Lucy looks back at how she was buying before, she says she feels guilty, and a bit hypocritical. Working at the Environment Agency she hears about climate change all the time; it’s core to her work, but now she wants to change the path of her personal life too. And she is not alone; when she chats to younger colleagues at work, they think climate change is more important than even Brexit for our future.

Inspired by her discoveries, she also wants to share what she’s learning to help others. She uses her Instagram account (@folkestone_flattery) to share all her new product discoveries (pix from her feed above). Next up, she’s tackling sanitary items. ‘It might not be for everyone, but it’s really important. Sanitary towels can take a lifetime to decompose and I want to find products which and environmentally friendly that I can also afford.’

Price is really important, helping the planet needs to be affordable. ‘We need to be able to make a difference without a big budget, otherwise the average Joe wont be able to’.

 Lucy is trying to find a happy balance in her life. ‘You can make really small changes in your own life that can cause a ripple effect with others. I want to find ways to make slight changes that are easy and affordable. If everyone makes small changes it will definitely lead to big things.’

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