Introducing Organisational Benchmarking: Making sense of your data

We know how important measuring and reporting the progress your employees are making to cut carbon is to every organisation, as you seek to reach your climate goals and support new sustainability strategies. 

But data is only useful if you know how to make sense of it.

We’ve launched Organisational Benchmarking as a new feature in Giki Zero Pro to help you do just that. 

Alongside all the existing features that help you understand the carbon footprint of your teams (Giki Score, Leader boards, etc), you can now understand how your organisation performs against the average and best in Giki Zero Pro that month. 

This adds context to how well you’re doing as an organisation and helps identify KPIs based on real-world performance. 

In one-easy place, you can see your top line KPIs: 

  • Members
  • New Members
  • Teams
  • Steps Committed 
  • Steps Completed
  • Average Carbon Footprint 

And benchmark your performance against: 

  • Carbon Footprint 
  • Score
  • Steps Committed
  • Steps Completed

We’re always striving to make Giki Zero Pro easier for you to engage your employees on how to cut carbon at home and work and then measure and report on progress. This new feature will make it easier than ever to check in on how you track against the metrics that matter to you and contextualise your progress. 

If you’d like to find out how Giki Zero Pro can help your organisation change the way your employees think carbon forever, get in touch