How competition boosted engagement to drive amazing results for Stage Fifty 

We recently ran our first-ever “Employee Race to Zero”, a global competition for companies supported by the UN-backed Race to Zero. The aim was for companies to bring their employees together and compete in teams for three weeks of fun sustainability competition ahead of COP28. 

There was a phenomenal amount of activity from all the teams, but the overall winner of the competition was Stage Fifty, a UK-based company that operates, designs, and develops boutique film and television studios. Over three weeks, their team completed 376 Giki steps, equating to over 16.5 tonnes of carbon savings or 44 short-haul flights! 

376 Steps = 16,756kg of carbon savings = 44 short haul flights

We talked to Rachel Morrison, Operations Manager at Stage Fifty, to find out how they achieved such fantastic employee engagement and how Giki helped drive sustainability awareness across their organisation. 

Why is sustainability important for your organisation? 

Our sustainability journey started with our desire to explore and understand our impact and support productions using our facility to understand their impact accordingly.  We are keen to offer the best service to our clients, and supporting production managers and crew to think about their environmental impact is one of the ways we pride ourselves on supporting our clientele.  

We needed to understand our own carbon footprint to support our clients, which led us to think more about our impact and processes. This sparked a lot of interest for the whole team around sustainability, so we started with Giki to help us take everyone on the journey. It has been instrumental in helping us think collectively about our impact personally and professionally and creating a groundswell within our organisation to share things that are important to us all. 

How did you encourage employee engagement? 

We have a diverse team who are very passionate about sustainability but also very competitive, so that helped a lot. Because everyone was so engaged, it allowed us to talk in the office about our lives, sharing things we’re doing at home. Which in turn encouraged others to get involved.  

For example, I’m spending less by not using the tumble dryer as much (although I have yet to convince my eight-year-old who has a thing about soft towels – I am working on her!). We have made some insulating investments in the house from some of the Giki recommendations, and we are trying hard to be more plant-based as a family. I look after some older people in my area, and they are taking steps, too! Everyone has different home lives, but we all found steps that worked for us.  

Did the competition element boost activity? 

This was a factor for us as it made it fun and exciting, but the leaderboard also helped us in other ways. Those individuals who took the most steps within our team were sharing ideas and suggestions with others, which in turn boosted activity for all of us. We are really proud of what we’ve done; it has allowed us to have those sustainability conversations collectively at a higher level and reduce our personal and company-wide carbon impact. 

We were also excited to get our prize to adopt an animal; we chose a gorilla as our CEO has a Stage Fifty snow globe gorilla in his office, so we thought this would be appropriate! 

What are the next steps in your sustainability journey? 

We are continuing to do the benchmarking and sustainability improvements that in turn will help productions across our three studio sites. This involves providing productions a list of local charities for donations of set/ props and costume to be given to, suggesting the use of local crew and looking at more sustainable catering providers.  

The competition has been a game changer for us as an organisation, inspiring us all and giving us new ideas. Giki has been the catalyst for a lot of activity. We have been using the resources we got from the challenge, which are helpful, and we are already looking forward to next year’s competition! 

Congratulations to Stage Fifty for doing so well in the race! If you have been inspired to participate in the 2024 Employee Race to Zero competition with your team, speak to your Giki impact director or get in touch.