How climate-consciousness can unite a community and give it a purpose to cut carbon

The challenge

With sustainability at the heart of this historic public research Russell Group’s strategy and an ambitious commitment to achieving net zero by 2030, the organisation needed to find a way to unite their broader student, staff and alumni behind their vision. They wanted a programme to provide meaning and purpose to their strategic goals. 

What we did

Recognising that Freshers’ Week was an opportunity to capitalise on new energy and a spirit of open-mindedness, Giki launched a campaign that aligned climate-consciousness with the University’s. We used leader boards and competitions to drive engagement and encourage carbon-cutting lifestyle step-changes. To keep the campaign fresh, we worked alongside the student engagement team with a new message each academic term. 

A series of workshops and online events helped reinforce the importance of individual actions and the impact this can have on climate change, focusing on the university’s broader initiatives on justice and fairness. This worked particularly well in the context of a University as it aligned with their education and training purpose and worked as a device bringing together staff and students to learn about sustainability together. 

The impact

On average, more than two steps were committed with at least one completed. Furthermore, Giki provided the institution with a real sense of purpose that brought to life the organisation’s sustainable strategy in a tangible way. 

If you’d like to unite your organisation, increase climate consciousness and provide purpose to your Green Team, get in touch.