How Cawston Press used Giki to align employees with a sustainability strategy to reach Net-zero

Cawston Press has several ongoing sustainability initiatives, notably; striving for net zero greenhouse gas emissions, tackling food waste (Cawston pick and press fruit and veg of all shapes and sizes), and improving packaging, as just a few examples. 

Looking beyond these initiatives, Cawston Press wanted to engage their employees and align them with their new ‘Pressing for Better’ sustainability strategy and help empower their teams to take control of their personal impact on the environment and encourage a culture of innovation so that the organisation is better equipped to meet the challenges facing us all ahead. 

To help their employees learn what they can do for the planet, Cawston Press rolled out Giki Zero for SMEs, a digital-first self-serve version of the award-winning employee engagement programme to educate and bring people together to learn more about sustainability.

Using an easy-to-use digital learning platform, with education reinforced by virtual events, webinars, and challenges, the organisation has seen great take-up across the business and significant improvements in personal carbon footprints. Employees have reported that they like seeing what difference they are making. 

This year Cawston Press wanted to accelerate its progress using Earth Day as an opportunity to galvanise its people to the engagement programme and challenge their staff around the themes of the global event to buy better and invest greener. The competition helped drive a 15% increase in members and strong participation numbers across the business. On average, each participant completed over two climate actions per person during the five-day challenge and committed to an additional 45 after the event. 

Steve Kearns, Managing Director at Cawston Press, also credits engaging his employees directly for aligning their efforts in their own lives with the steps that they are taking as a business to “change what they want to do for the better of the planet”.

If you’d like to help build sustainable behaviours in your company, get in touch.