How Arup used Giki to engage employees on their Net Zero Strategy 

Arup worked with Giki to help engage their East Asia employees with the company’s Net Zero Carbon Strategy, empower them with sustainability resources and the mindset to take action. 

The challenge 

Arup faced the challenge of wanting to raise awareness of their Net Zero Carbon Strategy and encourage action from their employees. This is needed to reach their target of being a Net Zero organisation by 2030, with an intermediatory goal of reducing emissions 30% by 2025.  

Scope 3 is largest part of Arup’s footprint, with business travel being the most significant after purchased goods and services so this is an area where employee contribution is essential.  

The goal was how to engage and motivate their employees, as well as tracking not just progress but also getting insight into their employees’ mindsets around sustainability. Prior to the challenge only 9% of employees were familiar with the content of Arup’s Net Zero Carbon Strategy. 

The Solution 

To achieve Arup’s objectives Giki created a bespoke work challenge with competitions, launch events and a closing award ceremony to reach Arup employees across the East Asia region. Multiple teams competed using leaderboards, knowledge building communications and a curated set of 50 work-related climate steps to support the different aspects of Arup’s Net Zero Carbon Strategy. A focus on areas such as minimising flying, travelling responsibly, limiting waste and optimising energy efficiency ensured the challenge was relevant to all. 

Each of Giki’s work-related steps are further supported by accompanying information to provide deeper insights and understanding. A detailed to-do list, breaking steps down into manageable tasks, further helps adoption. 

Recognising the importance of mindset shift, we also highlighted the key benefits associated with each step. We incorporated expert tips tailored to achieving each specific step, and for those seeking more information or assistance, we provide signposting to further resources and helpful links.  

As a testament to our tailored approach, we also introduced one bespoke step designed specifically for Arup’s commuting and working from home survey. This was a key area for Arup to get insight into their employees and inform next steps for the business.  

As part of the challenge, we ran two live sessions to inspire and motivate the teams to take part and bring the topic to life.  

Our challenges are designed to be fun and encourage competition, which has been proven to enhance participation and enthusiasm among participants. The Arup team fully embraced the competition element, and it was a significant driver to the amount of climate action we saw during the challenge.  

Results and benefits 

  • We successfully engaged employees with 225 joining the 2-week challenge.  
  • 94% agreed or strongly agreed that during the 2 weeks of the challenge, they had become more aware of the actions they need to take at work to support the sustainability strategy and would like to do more to support Arup’s sustainability goals. 
  • They collectively took an impressive 4,320 climate action steps (including 1,260 work-specific steps), of which 2,780 were completed during the challenge period, this equates to over 212 tonnes of potential carbon savings. 
  • There was also a huge amount of insight gained into the level of employee awareness, interest and barriers to action which was collected through surveys and polls.  
  • Based on indicative cost savings from employee steps on Giki, we have calculated a 5X ROI on the project. This illustrates the financial benefits of engaging employees on sustainability above and beyond the environmental gains.