How NatWest uses Giki as an integral part of their sustainability strategy

Many of the employees at NatWest were unaware of their carbon footprint, identified by an employee who wanted to ’do more’ on sustainability. In a complex and global organisation, the challenge was how an employee-led grass-roots sustainability initiative navigates the corporate landscape and builds a compelling business case, capacity, and value at the executive level. 

What we did

The Sustainable Futures Network (SFN), a bank-wide employee network whose purpose is to support colleagues to embed sustainability at home and work, helped bridge the gap between grass-roots enthusiasm and the bank’s overarching sustainability strategy.

A key priority for the group was to inform colleagues of their climate impact, using innovative tools to ensure they could access solutions tailored to them.

Following a competitive procurement process, NatWest chose Giki because of the depth of the science-based carbon footprint methodology, the engaging and easy-to-use platform, and the engagement support.

Over the next 6-months, Giki worked with the SFN to build a compelling business case, a wonderful opportunity for early-year career professionals to grow credibility with the senior leadership team. 

To create the most impact possible and timed to coincide with the global energy surrounding COP26 Group CEO and Business Green Leader of the Year 2021, Alison Rose, launched the campaign, ‘Inform, Embed, and Activate’ to 60,000 employees.  

Utilising various internal communication channels, a new internal newsletter, virtual events, and Chief-Greenie sessions helped grow engagement and build sustainability expertise. 

This expertise was further disseminated across the Bank, providing climate education, and sharing, tailored ways that colleagues could build sustainability into their roles and what small steps they could with a little spare time.

The impact

We have raised awareness of environmental issues, and the SFN has demonstrably led to employee environmental improvements across the organisation. 

The impact can be tracked with savings across carbon-cutting, water and land savings, and single-use plastic reductions. This will be fed into NatWest’s external shareholder material, informing them of the employee engagement strategy, of which Giki forms a significant part. 

NatWest SFN is using the Giki resources to help colleagues understand and learn more about sustainable living and is weaving it into conversations and communications around assisting colleagues with, for example, “the cost-of-living crisis”.

Our work together has been included in their publicly submitted 2022 Climate Related Disclosures Report, demonstrating that the Group has been ’embedding climate into our culture and decision-making’.

The partnership between Giki and NatWest Group has won at the 2022 BusinessGreen Leaders awards, showcasing the best of the UK’s green economy in the ‘’Employee Engagement Campaign of the Year’ category.

Giki has raised awareness of sustainability issues and demonstrably led to employee’s environmental improvements across the whole organisation

Dominic Brown, Climate Change Programme Manager, NatWest

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