Highgate IT Solutions launch Giki Zero Pro to help employees learn about sustainability

Highgate IT Solutions, a technology company that prides itself on putting its employee’s well-being first, has launched Giki Zero Pro to help their people learn about sustainability, ESG, and climate change while tracking and reducing their carbon footprints together. 

Giki Zero Pro and the employee sustainability engagement initiative form a wider part of their ongoing sustainability strategy.

We were keen for our sustainability strategy to reach further than our business operations, and Giki Zero Pro helps us do that. Giki helps our employees live more sustainably, build their knowledge on the subject, and complete steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

Jenny Latimer, Highgate’s Head of Alliances & Sustainability Lead

Since launching Giki Zero Pro at the start of September, Highgate has completed 60 steps and already saved over 1290kg of carbon emissions.

Many people are engaged and concerned about climate change and sustainability but don’t necessarily know what to do about it or how to act. We want to help people be confident about taking practical action to address climate change and help shift mindsets to consider sustainability at home and work. This is what Highgate is now doing.

Jo Hand, Giki’s Cofounder

With such a strong start, we’re so excited to see what the team at Highgate do next. Follow their achievements on their sustainability hub.

If you want to connect your people with your organisation’s strategy and bring sustainable thinking into business decision-making, we’d love to talk.