Finding sustainable and healthy products in the supermarket remains a challenge for many consumers. A sea of plastic, unhealthy food with high levels of salt and sugar and difficulty knowing whether a product is having a negative environmental impact are just some of the challenges that people face.

As a result this month we’ve launched our newest badge, Hero Products, which aims to find the most sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarket. It’s a single point of reference that draws together information from across Giki’s other badges. Each product will have a combination of sustainability and health badges that allow us to award it “hero” status. Furthermore a basket full of these products will help materially reduce the overall environmental impact of a shop compared to the UK average with less carbon, water and land use as well as greater biodiversity when it’s got a strong spread of organic products too.

The good news is that there are plenty of Hero Products available in the supermarket. We’ve found over 9,000 which gives people plenty to choose from and although a sustainable, healthy diet is mainly plant based there’s no reason it cannot include some sustainably caught fish, organic chicken and responsibly sourced chocolate.



We use a combination of our badges, and certain filters, to define Hero Products with the objective being that a basket of Hero Products will help to materially reduce the overall environmental impact, as well as being healthier, compared to the average UK shopping basket. The criteria for different supermarket aisles are set out below. However, in common across all categories is that Hero Products cannot have a very high carbon footprint or contain palm oil which is not sustainable. If you want to learn more about why this is important please watch this short video.

Food and drink:

Products must be awarded at least four “points”. A point is awarded if the product has any of the following badges: organic; low carbon footprint; responsibly sourced; better packaging; healthier option; free from additives; animal welfare. A point can also be awarded if a product is a “super green” (a healthy product that is awarded only greens for sugar, salt, fat and saturated fat using the traffic light labelling that you see on the front of product packaging) and a point is taken off if a product is amber or red on both salt and sugar.

Furthermore if a product can be fair trade, sustainably fished, contain no additives (drinks only) or have high animal welfare standards then this also becomes a necessary condition.

Finally certain categories cannot be hero products because there are direct substitutes available with lower environmental impact which are available at the same or lower costs. Examples include bottled still and fizzy water  and coffee capsules.

Skin and Haircare products:

Products must be awarded at least three “points”. A point is awarded if the product has any of the following badges: greener cosmetics ; better packaging; no chemicals of concern; no animal testing.

Household Cleaning:

Products must be awarded at least three “points”. A point is awarded if the product has any of the following badges: kinder cleaning; better packaging; no animal testing. As such a product needs to get all eligible badges. This is necessary because there are a smaller number of badges available in this category.


To rate 280,000 UK supermarket products, and to refine that list down to over 9000 Hero Products, we’re using on a combination of human research and raw computing power. However, there is no better check on how we rate products than our users. If you see anything in our new Hero badge that looks odd please do click “Help us Improve” in the app or contact us. We know we’ll never get it all right, but we will always strive to constantly improve.


If you want to reduce your environmental impact then starting scanning, and searching, for products in the app immediately. See what changes you can make that are better for the environment and healthier for you.

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