Giki Zero: Your step by step guide to a sustainable life

Giki Zero is here. It’s a free, fully interactive website to help you to understand, track and lighten your footprint on the planet. It’s mobile friendly too!

Here’s how it can help:

  • Understand your carbon footprint and find steps to lighten it.
  • Track your progress with your Giki score.
  • Choose from over 120 steps, which are good for the planet and can save money too.
  • Invite your housemates and family to share and compare your Giki score and steps.

It uses objective, transparent data that is easy to understand, drawing on the best scientific and academic research available.

Why use it?

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Since lockdown, more and more of us have become concerned about our environmental impacts. Giki did a recent survey and here’s a couple of things we found: (link through to blog on survey results)

  • A third of UK adults say they are more aware of their carbon footprint/impact on the environment since lockdown 
  • Nearly 2/3 say they would like to be more eco-friendly in future

So if you are keen to lighten your footprint, all you need to do is sign up, and get started today. Giki Zero helps anyone wondering what to do about environmental issues such as climate change, animal conservation and pollution but who don’t know where to start. It’s also designed for people who are already making changes to live more sustainably but who want more ideas to help them go further.
By signing up you’ll be able to start doing whatever you can, as soon as you can, to help protect the environment and animals.

Your progress

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Home – iPad Pro

Kick off with a few easy questions about you!

Get to your Progress Page and see how things shape up today:

Once you’ve sized up your personal environmental footprint, you can find steps to lighten it. Here you can see your carbon footprint, compare it to the UK average and see how far you have to go to hit the 2030 target.

You can also check out your water and land use footprint too.

Now the fun bit!

Your footprints

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Pets Footprint – MacBook Pro

If you love answering quizzes about you, this is the place to start. Here you can find anything from footprints on what you eat, what you buy, where you travel, your holidays, your bank account, and even your dog or your cat.

Tom who tested out Giki Zero said: “Understanding your personal footprint is key if you hope to take positive steps and minimize your impact. Giki Zero offers both of these and demonstrates that even tiny changes can add up to something more”

Your steps

Giki small steps to reduce your carbon footprint
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This one is for you if you want new steps to try immediately. We’ve researched over 100 steps and you can sort them on ease and impact on the planet. You can also filter by lifestyle area and see how they can help you in other ways, like saving money, or improving your health too.

Blanca found:  “It made me feel empowered and hopeful that, by taking small daily actions, I could contribute to creating a healthier and more sustainable world.”


If you love to self improve and are on a mission for perfection, check out the Giki score. This will show how you are improving all the time. Each time you fill in a footprint, or commit to, or complete a step, you boost your score. Aim for 1000 for a planet saving sustainable lifestyle!

Molli found: “Giki Zero breaks down the steps to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it feel a lot more tangible and achievable. It also de-myths the perception that, as students, sustainability is unaffordable and unobtainable. I think sustainability is often criticised for not being accessible at times, however Giki Zero is relatable to everyone.”



Did you know that the carbon footprint of your home, (that covers areas like heating and electricity) is best shared. So you can invite anyone you live with to get involved and that way you can share your home footprint, compare scores and steps and encourage each other along the way too.

Jules and his family really enjoyed the function that enabled them to look across their household together:

“The three of us actually had quite a lot of fun being able to divide up the family’s carbon footprint between us. It was really helpful to see immediate feedback on what impact various suggested actions would have on my footprint.”

If you like Giki Zero, please share it! There is so much we can do together.

We’d love to hear about any new steps you are trying – tag us on Instagram @GikiEarth