Giki Zero: The app that helps you learn what you can do for the planet

Available to download from Apple Store and Google Play

Image showing two app visuals side by side on a light blue background

At Giki, we continue to be inspired by the thousands of citizens learning about sustainability and taking steps to take positive action, as well as amazing employee engagement campaigns and competitions run by organisations supporting their employees, clients, and customers. 

As a purpose-driven B Corp and social enterprise, we can develop how we help (through our programme and platform) for all the right reasons, in response to feedback and support climate action in-line with our mission. 

That’s our updated app for mobile devices gives citizens even more opportunities to learn what they can do for the planet and organisations can support their mobile workforce as part of our wider Giki Zero Pro programme. 

Giki Zero helps citizens learn what they can do about climate change, understand their carbon footprint, and find steps to cut carbon. Organisations we work with can create additional moments for employees to take climate action and (alongside our award-winning challenges, workshops, events, and platform). 

There are some great benefits to downloading Giki Zero as an app:

  • 150+ steps to help you act are now in your pocket
  • See the impact of your everyday actions on your carbon footprint and Giki score
  • Stay on track with push notifications, handy to-do lists and new steps
  • Quickly and easily access more in-depth personal carbon footprint insights and actions through the web app
  • Engage and connect your mobile workforce through sustainability

We’re committed to continuously improving and will continue to work on ways to drive climate action. 

You can download or open the app via the App Store or Google Play or sign-up for Giki Zero via the web app. If you want to engage and educate your colleagues on sustainability and bring environmental thinking into business decision-making, get in touch.