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Giki Zero Pro is an employee sustainability programme that helps individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint and helps companies who want to engage staff on ESG issues and measure the impact of their actions.

How does it work?

Employees access an engaging, science based digital platform to understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint. Teams, leaderboards and information on the carbon, water, land and single use plastic that colleagues have saved, helps them work together and track their positive impacts.

We also provide Sustainability Leads (we call them Chief Greenies!) with a toolkit of resources to drive engagement and impact.

Helen Hughes, Sustainability Director, from Global design agency, Design Bridge is using it with their staff:

“Giki Zero has inspired many of us at Design Bridge to take realistic steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tool is personable and intuitive to use, and its positive approach and the collaborative nature of Giki Zero makes it a great fit for our company culture.”

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Motivating employees

Because Giki Zero is easy to use, science based, positive and personalised people feel good about choosing the right steps for them. Whatever people’s lifestyle and budget, there are relevant steps to choose from. As a result, teams are achieving significant carbon savings, some taking hundreds of steps every week, and cutting well over a tonne of carbon each from their footprints in a matter of months.

As the combined carbon footprints of staff can be significantly higher than the operational footprint of a company, it can be an excellent way to scale impact. The aggregated data shows how significant carbon savings can be.

In 2021, the most popular step on Giki Zero is Cut a Tonne in 21, which helps people start on the road towards net zero.

Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Executive at Tech NationCut a Tonne in ’21 creates a compelling and much needed narrative to collectively inspire individuals to actively reduce their environmental footprint. Similar to how Couch to 5K inspired a global fitness movement, Cut a Tonne in ’21 has the ability to drive a transformational, sustainable lifestyle movement.”

Join a global movement

Helping staff build knowledge and take action together on sustainability issues is growing in popularity, as climate change becomes a more material issue within businesses and within people’s own mindsets.

Companies using Giki Zero Pro benefit from being part of the global movement, Count Us In too. We find that people enjoy feeling they are working together to address climate change – this can be not only motivational, but provide lots of additional reminders to encourage engagement.

Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion“Giki Zero is a fantastic tool to create that pathway for meaningful action – through Giki Zero, we can each measure our carbon footprint and make a plan, with concrete steps, to define and achieve our own net zero journeys – while improving our health and the health of our communities. ”

Check out Giki Zero for more ideas.

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