Giki in top 8% of Tech Zero members who have gone beyond commitments

tech zero

We’re celebrating at Giki HQ because we’ve completed our first year of Tech Zero and are in the top 8% of members who have gone above and beyond our commitments! 

We’ve measured and published our total greenhouse gas emissions and published an action plan for how we’ll get to net zero.

Giki has simply and effectively communicated their carbon emissions, how they’ve kept them low, and how they plan to keep them low in the future.

They’ve gone above and beyond by using nature-based solutions to remove more emissions than they emit. The policies they have in place for their team – including paid leave for climate action days and “green admin”, additional holiday if travelling by train, and incentives to join renewable energy providers – show climate leadership.

Giki’s plan and the measures they’ve put in place mean they’re in the top 8% of Tech Zero members to have fulfilled and gone beyond their commitments.

Sophia Kesteven, Tech Zero

We’re committed to publishing our emissions and action plan every year and reporting our progress toward reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a great time to mention that we’re offering a discount of 50% off our set-up fee. This offer is only available to Tech Zero members who sign-up before 30 September ‘22 and have under 1,000 employees. It’s a great way to get your team involved in the run-up to #COP27.

To claim your discount, visit, book a demo and let the team know you’re a member of Tech Zero. 

Not a member? Head here and join for free and help us get the tech industry to net zero as fast as possible.