Giki helped IOP Publishing accelerate towards net zero with an employee engagement programme based around learning, fun and competition

IOP Publishing is committed to managing its business sustainably, with environmentalism at the heart of everything they do. The organisation acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and is committed to reduction of local, national, and global environmental damage. 

An internal sustainability task force promotes and implements the sustainability strategy to accelerate being a net zero organisation.  An important goal of the taskforce is to raise awareness, encourage participation, and train colleagues in environmental matters to assist in developing solutions to environmental problems in the publishing industry.

To embed this culture, IOP Publishing partnered with Giki to engage their employees and align them with their new environmental policy.

To help their employees learn what they could do for the planet, IOP Publishing rolled out Giki’s educational programme alongside free access to Giki Zero Pro to help empower their teams to take control of their personal impact on the environment.

The team at IOP Publishing was already quite environmentally active and able to confirm over 1,300 steps they were already doing for the planet, so we set about engaging them with themed challenges and competitions that focused on specific areas related to lifestyles they were interested in. This includes reducing emissions, eating for the planet, and reducing travel footprints.

Fun and an element of competitiveness were drivers for the campaign, which was capitalised on during Plastic Free July, where an interactive quiz drove engagement with our online platform and content to reinforce learning and created moments to celebrate successes together.

This presented moments for the IOP Publishing team to regularly share content and celebrate climate action, increasing conversations and deepening connections between colleagues.

Over the past 12 months, the team at IOP Publishing has collectively completed 1,500 climate actions, equivalent to saving the same amount of carbon as 31 short-haul flights, and with a focus on reducing plastic, saved an incredible 1,879 items of single-use plastic from landfills.

We’re looking forward to building on this campaign with IOP Publishing and can’t wait to see what they do next!