Giki are B Corp Certified

We are delighted to share that Giki has been awarded B Corporation status in recognition of us meeting the very highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal accountability and purpose.  

B Corp is a long, rigorous process. We wanted to go through it to test ourselves and show that our commitments to having a positive impact can be externally scrutinised and certified. 

But, what does B Corp certified mean for us? And, more importantly, for you? 

Why we love being a B Corp 

B Corporation aligns with our purpose  

Our founding mission is to ‘help people live more sustainably’, built on a platform and an employee engagement programme that helps engage and educate on the steps needed to cut carbon. Everyone who works at Giki does so because they believe in this mission and are fully committed to it. 

Every aspect of our purpose is mirrored by B Corp. As we grow, it’s great to know that it will be in a positive direction for our planet and be true to our mission.  

Transformative change begins at home  

B Corps celebrate transparency and accountability, and this is important to us as well. The methodology behind the most advanced personal carbon calculator in the world is built on total transparency. We’re proudly Net-Zero and chart our progress.  

B Corp certification means that you know we will continue to talk about the steps we take to be better. 

Collaborating with other great brands 

We love working with other like-minded brands and organisations. Our purpose is at our core, which means that we love collaborating with organisations that share our values.  

When you see the B Corp badge, it shows high environmental and social performance which can only mean better outcomes and more wins for our future. B Corp is all about using business as a force for good. 

Building a community of like-minded change-makers 

More people want to work for an organisation that’s having a positive impact on the planet. We support each other to reduce our personal carbon footprint, give extra days off to attend climate demos or sort green admin, extra holidays to travel by train rather than flying, and only expensing vegetarian meals to support low-carbon eating.  

What’s more, we love to see our Chief Greenies and Giki fans take steps that cut carbon and change behaviours that will make a better world. We’re so happy when you share that with us on socials or by letting us know. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #ThinkCarbon.  

Being a B Corp isn’t just a badge that we’ll be adding to our website. It’s a recognition and representation of our mission and purpose being at the core of everything we do. We feel that being a B Corp is a wonderful way of showing that and joining a movement of 4,600 companies like us makes it even better. 

If you’d like to find out more about Giki and our approach, check out our impact, which showcases our team and the steps we take.  

About BLab 

B Lab UK is a non-profit established in 2015 to serve a growing community of over 600 UK-based companies using business as a force for good. B Lab measures and verifies companies’ environmental and social performance using the B Impact Assessment, and ensures rigorous standards are met by all UK B Corps. Together with B Lab teams from around the world, they link a global network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and promote positive, action-led change towards an innovative approach to business.