Get involved


Are you an Eco Champion?

Do you work with people in your community, school, university or youth group to help them live more sustainably or take action on climate change? Are you a local parish or council leader encouraging people or communities to avoid a climate emergency? If so, we’d love you to join our Eco Champions team. We meet monthly via webinar and we provide lots of resources to help save you time while increasing your impact. It will take just an hour or two every month, but could you save days or weeks, and connect you with others working on the same mission!

Do you want to help your colleagues go green?

We work with Chief Greenies within companies who want to team up for Net Zero. Departments and companies can use Giki Zero Pro to see what impact they’re having together. With teams, leaderboards, trends and some healthy (and sustainable) competition, they track carbon, water and plastic saved together.


We work with lots of amazing volunteers on lots of different projects. Email us, detailing your skills you want to share and how much time you are keen to give and we’ll get back in touch.