Employee Sustainability Scan

Share your thoughts to shape the future

The Employee Sustainability Scan seeks to uncover the level of awareness employees have about their company’s sustainability strategy, what actions they are currently taking to support sustainability goals and what’s getting in the way. Over time it will also take the temperature on how mindsets are changing around sustainability.

Completing the scan is anonymous, and Giki will make the results of the scan public to help everyone bridge the gap between company sustainability strategies and employee action.

The Employee Sustainability Scan is powered by Giki, a B Corp and UN-backed Race To Zero Accelerator for employee engagement, led by sustainability professionals and supported by climate experts.

Why complete the Scan

Be heard.

As an employee by completing the scan you will have your voice heard by sustainability leaders from organisations around the world.

You’ll help elevate how businesses at the forefront of environmental responsibility motivate their employees to be ready, willing and able to take action at work to be more sustainable.

Sustainability Scan for Companies

Coming soon! Giki can provide a customised Employee Sustainability Scan for companies. Gain insight about how aware your employees are, what they are doing right now for sustainability and what’s getting in the way. We’ll also benchmark your results.

If you’d like to pre-register for this, please get in touch.