Embedding a Sustainability Culture With 100% Engagement

Kyan is a technology agency that is on a mission to change businesses for the better. They are on a journey to net-zero and recognise that climate change is one of the most pressing challenges we face as a society.  As a company, they aim to do everything they can to reduce their impact on the planet and support  their team to do the same. 

Kyan wanted to go through a transformative experience of going from a ‘good company’ to one that intentionally thinks about ‘doing good’. In short, moving towards being a purpose-led organisation. 

With a diverse and growing workforce, they wanted a partner to help unite their employees behind their strategy, support their B Corp application, and support their people to incrementally change their behaviour and live more sustainably. 

What we did

Understanding that in the modern work environment, company carbon is often emitted outside of the workplace,  Kyan is committed to helping their team understand their impact on the planet.  

A comprehensive kick-off with their dedicated Impact Director included an  all-staff event on ‘How to take action on climate change’.

Utilising the innovative digital communication channels already in place to deliver bespoke campaigns, we worked with Kyan to drive awareness and action, then celebrate individual and collective achievements.

By embracing campaigns and our regular online events for climate changemakers across our Think Carbon B2B network (we call them Chief Greenies), the Kyan team expand their knowledge on sustainability issues and embed climate consciousness in the work culture. 

So that new starters joined with the same ethos and appreciated how important this was to the business, Giki Zero Pro became a part of the HR on-boarding process. This contributed to the high levels of engagement from the start  of anyone’s career in the organisation. 

Gavin Shinfield

The impact

After one year of working with Giki, Kyan has reached 100% company-wide participation on the platform, and their employee carbon footprint is now 52% less than the average UK citizen. Kyan are rightfully proud  of their high-engagement rates that contribute to low turnover and long tenures and a culture that is ambitious and ready to meet new challenges. 

With the data and insights achieved from this first year, Kyan can go beyond the requirements of an SME seeking net-zero by SBTi standards. Powered by Giki, they aim to further understand and reduce their Scope 3 emissions to become a true Net-Zero business.

If you’d like to find out more how Giki Zero Pro can turbocharge your organisations employee sustainability engagement strategy and cut carbon at work and home, get in touch.