Eco meal for £1
Wheat growing against a blue sky

Are you looking for some quick, easy recipes that will warm you up, don’t cost much and have a low environmental impact? We have picked a few of our autumn favourites, using Giki’s hero badge for inspiration.

Organic Onion Soup

Serves 2


2 Red Onions (organic)

8 White onions (organic)

2 cloves of Garlic (organic)

1 Kallo stock cube (organic)

Dash of Olive oil

Wholemeal bread

Butter (spreadable, organic)

Onions are easy to get all year round, they are low carbon impact and often local, which is good to cut food miles. We use a combo of two red onions to eight white onions along with a couple of garlic cloves and a Callo stock cube (lots of their products get the hero badge) You can serve this with some tasty bread and butter. All you have to do is slice the onions and sweat them, when they are soft, add the garlic and the stock and simmer for an hour or so. Then you can blend it if you want to, or not, depends whether you like lumps!. Either way, it is delicious, and very low impact. We use organic onions and it still works out at £1.06 per person along with the bread and butter.

Wholemeal Egg Fried Noodles

Serves 1


Wholemeal noodles (around 60g per person)

75g peas

75g sweetcorn

1tsp soy sauce

1 egg

dash of oil

This one is super quick and easy. Just boil the noodles (low carbon footprint), you can search on Giki for noodle brands and look out for the hero products. These are the most healthy sustainable products in UK supermarkets. When the noodles are nearly done throw in the peas and sweetcorn to cook. We use frozen peas and you can recycle the bags at the local supermarket. Tinned sweetcorn has a fully recyclable tin. Drain them, then heat a tiny bit of oil in the pan, slide in the cooked noodles, peas and sweetcorn. Then just stir in the soy sauce and the egg, cook for a few minutes and it will be ready! Eggs are not super low in terms of impact, but used once in a while, they are good for some extra flavour and texture. Free range or organic are best in terms of animal welfare and organic is better for biodiversity. We make this one using wholemeal noodles and an organic egg and it cost just £1 per portion.


Low carbon chickpea and spinach pasta

Serves 2


4 Garlic cloves 

A dessertspoon of Olive oil

1 tin Chickpeas

120g Pasta

100g Spinach

Half a Lemon 

This one is good for making for a few people. Cook the pasta, and at the same time warm the chickpeas (We got them out of the tin, as packaging is fully recyclable and you don’t have to pre prep them in advance).  Warm with the olive oil to cook the garlic cloves and when they are warm, throw in the spinach leaves to warm them and let them wilt. This takes just a couple of minutes. Squeeze on the juice of half a lemon, and serve with the pasta and  this meal cost exactly £1 per person. And every ingredient is low carbon footprint, except for the oil, which is medium.

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