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One of the best ways to get your team engaged with the Giki programme is to keep them informed! Knowledge is power. So, here’s a selection of our top blogs, infographics and whitepapers that you can share with your team. We’ve given you a few lines of text, to save you time when sharing.

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The Climate Super 8

Eight changes we can all make today for big cuts in our carbon footprint. With just one ‘Climate Super 8’ change a year from now until 2030, someone in a wealthy country can cut their carbon footprint by over 75%.
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10 ways to Cut a Tonne

Ten ways to cut your carbon footprint by a tonne. We’ve got collections of steps, where you can combine lifestyle changes to add up to a tonne, and the “big six” which are large, one-off changes that have a big impact by themselves. 
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Who Is Responsible For Cutting Emissions: Understanding The Roles We Have To Play

We are often asked “How and why should individuals change how they live, isn’t it the responsibility of government and big business?“. Well, just like a game of football requires rules, kits, and players to make the ingredients for a great game, sustainability requires collaboration, innovation, and collective action from policymakers, companies, and individuals alike. No one group can do it alone.
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