Giki’s aim is to inspire people to make small, regular changes which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. We also look to make small, regular changes to Giki in order to help support our users in their quest to buy more sustainably. Here we talk about some of the most recent changes at Giki. We know we will never be perfect, but we hope that by constantly listening to our users and improving we’ll get better and better over time.

Loose fruit and veg

When working out whether packaging is recyclable we look for standardised information on the label (e.g. Card – widely recycled) and other hints that the packaging can go in the recycling bin (e.g. “our bottles are 100% recyclable”). However, we were not picking up loose fruit and veg as it does not have any information on the label for us to use. We’ve now fixed this so you always get a recyclable packaging badge for loose fruit and veg. Why? Because if you take your own bag then any leftovers are the most naturally recyclable, compostable packaging you can find. Tell us if you see examples where it’s not working.

New products

We continue to add new products every week that are coming from users. The response has been fantastic. The two main companies they come from are M&S and Tesco as we don’t have good coverage of their products as well as lots of interesting products from smaller brands.

UK made

With the move from Local to UK made we’ve also been thinking about ingredient provenance. At the moment it is not possible, across large number of products, to work out where all the ingredients came from and, as a result, we’ve gone for made in the UK (which can include using imported ingredients) as our way of deciding on a badge. The exception to this is where we have evidence from single ingredient foods that the ingredients came from outside the UK (e.g. “packed in the UK using chicken from Thailand”) or we know that they cannot come from the UK (e.g. tea and coffee). Over time we want to improve this and also find a way to bring back the local badge uncovering products that are made in your local area.

One other small bit of news is that we’ve added the Organic Farmer’s and Growers association to our Organic badge. We look for independent, rigorous and transparent certification and OF&G is also DEFRA regulated.

The more things our users spot, the more we can improve. If you see anything tap the “Help us improve” button in the app or email us.