Building Better Badges Part 6 – bugs and other improvements

Giki’s aim is to inspire people to make small, regular changes which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. We also look to make small, regular changes to Giki in order to help support our users in their quest to buy more sustainably. Here we talk about some of the most recent changes at Giki. We know we will never be perfect, but we hope that by constantly listening to our users and improving we’ll get better and better over time.

Animal testing policies

Many companies put information on the pack that they don’t test on animals or are certified by independent bodies such as the Leaping Bunny program. However, for others the only way to know they don’t test on animals is to research the company and check their statements against a reputable source. This is what we have started to do for animal testing. We now review company websites for claims of no animal testing focusing on whether both the product, and the ingredients, have never been tested on animals. We verify this using PETA’s Don’t Test list if the language on the website is unclear. The companies we research will be led by our users so if you see any that you think should be included please contact us.

Sustainable palm oil

The term “sustainable palm” is normally used in relation to palm oil that has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). However, we also found that some companies were “committed to sustainable palm” and so we were incorrectly awarding them a sustainable palm oil badge. We have now corrected this. Companies who are committed to sustainable palm should be encouraged, but companies who can show results are the ones we want to award the sustainable palm oil badge.

Tea and coffee not healthy?

Tea and coffee, with nothing added, does not contain fat, sugar and salt. As a result most companies do not include a list of nutrients on their tea and coffee packs. We now award a healthier option badge for these products which was not happening before.

If you’ve read this far then we can only assume you are a Giki super user! If you’ve got 4 minutes (that’s how long it takes) we’d love to hear your views on Giki and what we can improve on. The short survey is here.