Giki’s aim is to inspire people to make small, regular changes which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. We also look to make small, regular changes to the Giki app to help support our users in their quest to buy more sustainably. Here we talk about some of the most recent changes at Giki. We know we will never be perfect, but we hope that by constantly listening to our users and improving we’ll get better and better over time.

The main improvement highlighted comes directly from user feedback. We currently use our local badge to mean products that are made in the UK. However, users have told us that this is the one badges they find a bit confusing as to many local means some different. For example some people might consider it to be within 10 miles, within a drive, within the county or within their region but it does not cover all of the country.

We’re always listening and so the name of the badge, that highlights products made in the UK, will be UK Made.

Finding products which are made in the UK is a constant task for us. Sometime companies are very explicit (e.g. country of origin: UK) but sometimes it’s less structured and clear. Whilst many of us love brands that have a unique nature we need to find these one-by-one to make sure we’re capturing as many UK products as possible. Some of our favourites include “hand made in a wild wood” and “lovingly made in Yorkshire”. This month it was the turn of Irn Bru which says it’s “Bru’d” in Scotland. Thanks to an eagle eyed user for that one and if you spot any more then please let us know. We’re thinking that we should start awarding prizes for the best ones!