Giki’s aim is to inspire people to make small, regular changes which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. We also look to make small, regular changes to the Giki app to help support our users in their quest to become more sustainable consumers. Here we talk about some of the most recent changes at Giki. We know we will never be perfect, but we hope that by constantly listening to our users and improving we’ll get better and better over time.

Adding new Animal testing third party logos

We are adding NATRUE and BDIH to the third party logos that we look for in order to award the no animal testing badge. Both have a fixed cut off date, their policies cover ingredients as well as end product and they are independent organisations. NATRUE for example states, “NATRUE does not support tests of cosmetic products and their ingredients on animals and we believe that effort must be made to avoid the use of animals for cosmetic testing globally. Furthermore, all our members do not perform animal tests on their products or ingredients and do not ask others to test on their behalf unless required by law. ” From BDIH, “It is prohibited to carry out or commission another party to carry out animal testing – not only when manufacturing products, but also when developing and controlling the end products.”

Water is a healthier option

Certain categories of food and drink are always healthier options. These include fruit and veg and now also water. This includes both still and sparkling water although keep an eye on the recycling logo and consider a refill!