Assura to help employees minimise environmental impact

Assura develops, invests, and manages a portfolio of primary care medical centres across the UK, and they are working on a comprehensive ESG strategy that covers maximising their contribution to society while minimising their environmental impact. 

The organisation has an ambition within six years to help six million people benefit from improvements to and through their healthcare buildings, reach net zero by 2040 and help their customers, and the NHS, meet its own net zero carbon aspirations. 

This is why Giki is so excited to be working with Assura to help educate their employees on how to live and work more sustainably, cut carbon, and bring sustainability thinking into business decision-making. 

We all have a role to play in combatting climate change, and Assura is pleased to partner with Giki to ensure its employees learn what steps they can take to make a difference.

Giki allows us individually to clearly understand our carbon footprints and inspire action to reduce and measure their impacts.

Giki Zero Pro is a perfect fit with our corporate objectives, aligning our employee’s activism, enthusiasm, and knowledge with our business strategy.

Tim Bell, Sustainability Lead, Assura PLC

We’re excited to see what comes next at Assura and #ThinkCarbon together. If you’d like to build sustainability knowledge and culture at your organisation, get in touch to speak about Giki Zero Pro