Artizian’s recipe for inspiring employees on sustainability 

We recently spoke to Ria Pereira (Head of Marketing and Design) and Caroline Peppiatt (Compliance and Business Support) from Artizian, a boutique nutritionally led, chef inspired catering and hospitality company, about their strategies for integrating sustainability into their business, the challenges they’ve faced, and their successful initiatives that could inspire others. 

Artizian’s journey with Giki began as a response to the need for employee engagement, especially in the wake of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the change in staff dynamics due to the impact on the hospitality industry. To uplift morale and reconnect with lots of new employees, Artizian sought an engaging, user-friendly platform with a purpose. Giki fitted the bill perfectly, aligning with Artizian’s vision of making a positive difference to both customer wellbeing and the planet. 

Engaging a diverse workforce 

Engaging a diverse and non-desk-based workforce presented its challenges but they did this by first launching to the managers, then making site visits to explain and encourage all employees to participate. Caroline shared that as they are a very competitive team, leaderboards have worked really well to motivate everyone and boost activity. Recognising the competitive spirit within the company, Artizian incentivised participation, offering rewards to the first site with complete team sign-ups.  

Ria emphasised the importance of education, weaving Giki into their internal communications and making it a focus for new hires, instilling the company’s culture and values from the start. Monthly operations meetings always have Giki on the agenda, and they have positive difference awards which is a way to celebrate sustainable actions and achievements.  

Integrating with marketing 

Ria highlighted the positive impact Giki has had on Artizian’s marketing strategies. The company has incorporated Giki into their marketing planning tools, keeping sustainability at the forefront. They have looked at ways of being more eco-friendly with their processes such as printing less and incorporating more digital screens. Measurable data from Giki is integrated into client reports, providing a tangible way to showcase their environmental efforts. Artizian also utilises Giki as a central theme in marketing campaigns, promoting their commitment to sustainability and wellbeing both internally and externally. 

Promoting plant-rich eating 

Educating customers about the benefits of plant-based eating is a pivotal challenge for Artizian. 75% of the food they serve is plant-rich, and Ria emphasised the importance of explaining and displaying the rationale behind menu choices and the positive impact on wellbeing. Utilising their sister company, Nutrition Bites, Artizian offer lunch and learn sessions, providing nutritional education alongside plant-rich menu options. But ultimately people want something to eat that’s tasty, so their chefs work with nutritionists to create delicious food that’s good for you and good for the planet. 

They plan to take this a step further this summer by introducing carbon labelling by partnering with Klimato. Klimato is dedicated to reducing food-related emissions, creating awareness about the impact of eating habits on the climate, and bridging the knowledge gap between research and consumers.  

Artizian is an inspiring company, not only for showing how plant-rich foods can be both delicious and healthy, but also in how they weave sustainability through so many areas of their business. If you would like your team to learn more about sustainable food choices, then why not consider running our ‘Take A Bite out of Your Food Footprint’ Challenge. Speak to your Giki impact director or get in touch