Are you leading your community to reduce their carbon footprint?

graphic of person planting on a red background

Did you know that 70% of carbon emissions across the globe come from people or households? That means there is a huge amount that individuals can do together to address the climate crisis. If you are leading your community to make changes in their own lives to reduce carbon emissions, then please join us!  At Giki we run a free programme for people who are leading action in their local communities or networks. You could be a teacher, or a councillor, a climate change ambassador in your local area, or indeed anybody playing a sustainability leadership role within your community.

The aim of the programme

  • Help you find the best ways to lead your community to take action.
  • Provide support and information on how Giki Zero can help, along with free access for everyone to Giki Zero.
  • Save you time and help you maximise positive impact.
  • Connect with other sustainability / climate leaders to share ideas, experience and provide mutual support.

What’s involved?

  • Free access to Giki Zero for everyone who wants to get involved within your community, so they can measure, track and reduce their carbon footprint and build their path to get to Net Zero carbon emissions.
  • A monthly virtual webinar and meeting, to give ideas and support to help you support your community in cutting carbon footprints, living sustainably and working towards net zero.
  • Information, images and resources to support your community engagement work and save you time.

Key Features in Giki Zero

  • A structured programme built to scale impact
  • The most detailed, personal carbon footprint tool available, covering everything from food to transport and financial services to pets
  • Relevant, personal actions. Over 130 steps, rated on ease and impact, with co-benefits highlighted too, to lighten personal carbon footprints
  • A step by step guide, connects steps to personal footprints, to help people find their path to Net Zero

Who’s this programme for?

Anybody leading their community to understand the importance and need to reduce carbon emissions in our own lifestyles. You could be a teacher, a scout leader, a doctor, a community leader, a councillor…. or any other type of  community leader.

How do I get involved?

You can email us at and explain a little about your community and what you are aiming to acheive and we will of course answer any questions you have. You check out Giki Zero here