Accenture team up with Giki to understand how everyday actions impact on climate change

Sunshine graphic with accenture logo surrounded by drawings of food

Leading global professional services company Accenture is teaming with Giki to help its global employee base to understand the impact of everyday choices on climate change and reduce their personal carbon footprints. 

A big thank you to Jessica Hyde and the team for their vision and leadership to make this happen. In her words: 

The personal actions that we each make can make a real difference for climate change – with circa 40-70% of emissions down to our personal choices!

Whether it’s reducing our flights, moving to a more plant-based diet or cutting down on the number of new items of clothing that we purchase, all of these make a difference.

With 738,000 employees worldwide, it’s a great opportunity for us to help build sustainable behaviours and protect our environment.

Jessica Hyde, Global Corporate Citizenship Lead, Accenture

We can’t wait to see what comes next! 

If you’re an organisation looking to engage your employees in a high impact sustainability event or looking for a longer term engagement programme, we’d love to talk.