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About Giki Zero

Why Giki Zero?

Three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions come from people so to really cut carbon everyone needs to be involved. The good news is that we all have something we can do and that’s where Giki Zero comes in by helping you find the steps that work for you.

How does Giki Zero work?

Once you’ve signed up, we ask a few simple lifestyle questions to get you started

Answering these questions gives you an initial estimate of your carbon footprint which you can track on your Progress page. This is the “go to” page for all your headline personalised information where you can see how your carbon footprint shapes up and what your Giki score is. Every month you’ll see a new challenge with selected steps at the top. We’ve even built you a personalised Climate Clock so you can see how long we’ve got left until the global carbon budget runs out!

iPad showing Giki Zero progress

Personalise your carbon footprint

Giki has a super detailed, science based, carbon calculator which is really easy and fun to use! Enter as much, or as little, information as you want. The more you put in, the more accurate it gets for you. It covers everything from home, food and travel, to pets, financial services, clothes and lots more.

Find the right steps for your lifestyle and budget

These steps will help lighten your footprint on the planet. Choose from over 130 steps, that you can choose based on areas of your lifestyle, ease and impact. Tick off the steps when you complete them to boost your Giki score and update your footprint to see how much carbon you’ve cut.

Team up with your family or housemates to cut carbon, water, land use and plastic together

On your household page you can track all your activities together with people you live with, and your home footprint (eg gas, electricity) will be shared among you equally. Just fill in your home footprint, and invite your housemates to join you on Giki Zero.

Sign up for free!

We’ll guide you through with tips along the way and you can contact us using the “?” icon at any time.

Work with colleagues to reduce carbon emissions

Carbon emissions from staff can be up to ten times higher than a company’s carbon footprint and 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from people.

Giki Zero Pro puts sustainability on the agenda for all employees, helps them find the right steps to build a personal path to Net Zero and provides data to report on your achievements.

Learn About Giki Zero Pro

About Giki

Giki is a Social Enterprise and our mission is to help people live sustainably. All of our team work at Giki because we want to help people cut carbon emissions everywhere! We are lucky to be supported by amazing specialists and experts from the academic, scientific, education and business communities.

Giki’s Carbon Footprint

We calculate Giki’s Carbon Footprint by combining Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions with additional scopes that we think are relevant in particular certain financial services. In 2020 we further updated our calculations by including a portion of employee home footprints to cover home working.

Giki is a Net Zero company covering Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. For Scope 3 emissions we include calculations on purchased goods and services (in particular cloud service providers), business travel, commuting and use of products (an estimate of the power used by users of our digital products). From 2020 we also include a portion of employee home footprints to reflect home working which is an important part of how we work. We believe it’s important for us to take responsibility for emissions that go beyond normal carbon accounting but which, we believe, are a component of our footprint.

Footprint calculations are conducted annually and we then assess how our footprint can be reduced in the coming year following Giki’s 3Rs framework (reduce, replace, repair). In 2020 our footprint was under 1.5 tonnes and was reduced compared to 2019 by a number of factors. 1) The Covid pandemic. Even though all staff work remotely in 2019 we had regular face-to-face meet ups. These only occurred in the early stages of 2020 thereby reducing our business travel footprint 2) We opened an account with Triodos, who do not lend to fossil fuel companies. We also started using Giki Zero Pro to help our colleagues reduce their carbon footprints in their own lives.

We double offset any emissions using nature based solutions and so our net carbon footprint is minus 2 tonnes. We also have a number of policies which we believe make it easier for our colleagues to reduce their environmental impact including: paid leave for climate action days, additional holidays where travel by train takes longer then plane, no expensing of food unless it’s vegan or vegetarian, incentives to join renewable energy providers.

In 2021 we plan to hire more people and increase our usage of cloud infrastructure. We will continue to use Giki Zero Pro to help our colleagues reduce their environmental impact at home as well as look for ways to make our cloud service usage more efficient.