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About Giki Zero

Learn what you can do about climate change

Three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions come from people so to really cut carbon everyone needs to be involved.

The challenge is that many people don’t know what to do or where they can have the biggest impact. Giki Zero helps with both.

How does Giki Zero work?

With a few simple questions we can estimate your carbon footprint. You can then choose from over 150 steps to find ways to reduce it. It’s free and super easy to use.

Personalise your carbon footprint

Giki has a detailed, science based, carbon calculator which is still easy and fun to use! Enter as much, or as little, information as you want. The more you put in, the more personalised your estimate and we cover everything from home, food and travel, to pets, financial services, clothes and lots more.

Find the right steps for your lifestyle and budget

Giki is used by everyone from sustainability starters to green Pros. That’s because we’ve got steps covering everything from quick wins to Planet Savers. Use our handy checklist to help you complete your steps. Every step comes with lots of useful extra information to help you along the way.

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Engage your employees

Giki Zero Pro can help you engage and educate your staff on sustainability. Whether you’re in Sustainability and leading your company’s green initiatives, a Green Team who wants to scale or an HR Pro who wants a dedicated programme, Giki Zero can help.

Teams, leaderboards and campaigns help people take action on climate change together. It’s all part of the Pro programme which is tailored to what you need.

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About Giki

Giki, which stands for Get Informed, Know your Impact, is a Social Enterprise and B Corp based in the UK and our mission is to help people live sustainably. All of our team work at Giki because we want to help people cut carbon emissions everywhere! We are lucky to be supported by amazing specialists and experts from the academic, scientific, education and business communities.

Giki Zero is a fantastic tool to create a pathway for meaningful action. Through Giki Zero we can measure our carbon footprint and make a plan, with concreate steps, to define and achieve our own net zero journeys.
Nigel Topping UN Climate Champion
We’re proud to offer Giki Zero to our growing conscious consumer audience at Pebble, to put our #EverydayActivism ethos in motion in real time, with a real impact. Giki and pebble help normal people to come together and make a difference in our global fight against climate change.
Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder of Pebble Magazine and author of Is it Really Green?
With Giki Zero, the team at Giki have delivered a perfectly simple website that helps you reduce your impact that is easy and fun to use.
Paul Dickinson, Outrage + Optimism Climate Change Podcast
It’s super easy to use a fun way for the family to lighten their footprint and feel great too!
Jess T
I’ve just been playing with Giki Zero and it’s great. A bit like a Fitbit for your green lifestyle.
Kate P
Use Giki Zero to estimate your carbon footprint in 1 minute. It’s humbling and motivating.
Robin S
Consumers want to do their bit for climate change and they want much clearer information about the environmental impacts of the things they buy. Giki Zero provides information that people can act on.
Dr Richard Carmichael, Author of Committee on Climate Change Report, Net Zero, the UK’s contribution to stopping global warming.
Check out the brilliant free Giki Zero – just answer a few simple questions and see how your climate impact adds up – you can even go in and tweak them until your hearts content.
Professor Sarah Bridle
I’ve just done this and it’s a BRILLIANT little tool
Jacqui C